After snatching a crown, Mrs. Mundo renounces hers

Last year’s winner of Mrs. World, a beauty pageant for married women, said she would return her crown after she snatched one from the head of the Mrs. Sri Lanka World winner in 2021, claiming she was divorced, a violation of the contest rules. .

Pushpika de Silva had just been crowned Mrs. Sri Lanka World at a pageant in Colombo, Sri Lanka, last weekend when Caroline Jurie, the winner of Mrs. World 2020, took the stage and announced that “there is a rule that has than being married and not divorced. “

“So,” he said, “I’m taking my first step saying that the crown goes to the first runner-up.”

Ms. Jurie, 28, then removed the crown from Ms. De Silva’s head, pulling her hair in the process, before placing her in second place, who held back tears and then gave a speech of acceptance. Ms. De Silva left the stage while Ms. Jurie, the two finalists, and Chula Padmendra, a Sri Lankan model who was also on stage, hugged. Ms. Padmendra clapped her hands and raised her fist in the air victoriously.

The fight was reminiscent of the one at the 2009 Video Music Awards, when Kanye West burst onto the stage and grabbed a mic from Taylor Swift, who had just won Best Female Video, declaring, “I’m going to let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time. “

The Mrs. World pageant describes itself on Facebook as “the world’s first beauty pageant for married women, created in 1984.” Ms. Jurie was crowned Ms. World in the 2020 pageant in Las Vegas, according to the organization’s website.

Ms. De Silva said in a Facebook post after the episode that she was separated and not divorced. He said he had suffered “head injuries” and was taking legal action against Ms Jurie “for the injustice and insult that has taken place”. Police arrested Ms Jurie and Ms Padmendra “on charges of simple harm and criminal cause,” reported BBC News.

“Despite the fact that my crown has been snatched in an insulting way in front of everyone, I will keep my head straight,” Ms. De Silva wrote.

A representative of the California-based organization Mrs. World, according to its Facebook page, sent a request for comment to “where the incident occurred, in Sri Lanka.” One of the organizers of the contest, Chandimal Jayasinghe, told BBC News: “We are disappointed. It was a shame how Caroline Jurie behaved on stage and the Mrs. World organization has already started an investigation into the matter. “

Ms Jurie, who is from Sri Lanka, said in a video posted on Instagram that she wanted to “express my dismay at the recent actions that led to the controversy” and that she “just wanted a fair stage.”

“Even if I have to lose the crown because of the values ​​that I stand for, I believe that I am fulfilling the purpose that the Mrs. World crown represents,” he said before removing the crown.

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