After: NFL Hopes to Play Steelers / Titans Sunday, Game Two Monday Night Could Shift

Nothing is official and everything is subject to change, but the NFL also seems intent on not changing its schedule as the Tennessee Titans experience a COVID outbreak that is bringing their week to a scary halt . According to ESPN’s Adam Shekre, the league does not plan to change its schedule.

Judy Batista followed a similar report.

The Titans facility has been closed until at least Saturday, while it has been cleaned and players undergo multiple COVID tests to ensure that there is no positive effect. Three players and five personnel members were confirmed this morning. Linemakers coach Shane Bowen, who serves as a defensive playcaller on Gande, tested positive before a win over the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday. He did not attend the game.

So far, it does not appear that the Vikings have any positive tests, although they have halted their workweek until additional results are obtained.

Although the Titans are playing a game with little to no practice, far from ideal, an all-around swapping schedule will present a clear headache. It looks like the game could be pushed until Monday night if the league finds it necessary but they are gaining power through this outbreak, trying to make as little change as possible.

For now, the league will conduct more testing, contact tracing, while the Titans will disrupt their facility. Titans coaches have asked players to be ready Probably with his only on-field preparation to play Sunday with Sunday Walkthrough.

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