After criticism of Trump, Pompeo says he will release Clinton email

The day before, Trump expressed displeasure that his top US diplomat had not yet released emails removed from Clinton’s private servers, which he said in 2015 were “personal and private.”

“She said she had 33,000 e-mails,” Trump told Fox News on Thursday. “They are in the State Department, but Mike Pompeo is unable to get them out, which is very sad indeed. I – I’m not happy for that, for that reason. He was unable to get – I don’t know if you are in the State Department. Why are you driving and you take them out. But they are in the State Department. ”

In an interview with Fox News Friday, Pompeo said, “We’ve got emails, we’re taking them out.” It is unclear whether he was referencing the deleted email.

Asked if he would be released before the election, he said, “I definitely think that has to be seen before the election.”

“We are going to get all this information so that the American people can see it. You will remember that classified information on a private server was, should never be, Hillary Clinton should never have done it, which was unacceptable behavior.” Pompeo said.

“You can see, whether it is Russia or China or Iran or North Koreans who want to put their hands on such information, classified information needs to be in the right places. Secretary Clinton, when he is here at the State Department She did not do that, “he said.

A State Department inquiry released in October 2019 stated that there was no “persuasive evidence” of widespread misuse of classified information. The then FBI Director James Comey concluded twice in 2016 that Clinton should not face criminal charges over the use of a private server, but for being “extremely negligent” in handling classified information, Clinton and her in July of that year Rejected allies. A subsequent Department of Justice report of the Inspector General report released in June 2018 found that Comey’s prosecution decisions in the Clinton case were “consistent” with bias and not influenced by bias or other improper actions.

Trump has consistently attacked his 2016 presidential opponent and has sought to pressure top officials to step in to discredit his political opponents during the 2020 campaign. Some officials, such as National Intelligence Director John Ratcliffe and Attorney General Bill Barr, have obliged Senate Republicans and others to provide a string of DLAid documents targeting the FBI’s Russia investigation before the November election.

Former CIA director accused of disqualifying select documents to help Trump
In late September, Ratcliffe released undisclosed Russian intelligence about Clinton. Democrats accused him of advancing Russian dissolution about Clinton, which he denied.
On Tuesday, former CIA director John Brennan accused Ratcliffe of selecting documents to help Trump.

Brennan said, “John Ratcliffe is nothing more than an intelligence professional. It is defying his selective information. It is designed to advance the political interests of Donald Trump and the Republicans.”

CNN’s Zachary Cohen, Jeremy Herb, Jamie Crawford and Alexander Marquard contributed to this report.


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