After congratulating Biden, Macron of France saw the Trump envoy

PARIS (AP) – French President Emmanuel Macron has met US President Donald Trump’s top diplomat on Monday behind closed doors in a potentially uncomfortable encounter after his election victory to Joe Baden for the presidential election. Was congratulated on

Macron’s office said that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo first met with French Minister of Foreign Affairs Jean-Yves Le Drian at the सीlysée Rashtrapati Bhavan, then met Macron himself.

Neither had previously said about Pompeo’s low-profile visit to Paris, the starting point of a seven-country tour of Europe and the Middle East.

The objectives of Pompeo’s three-day visit in Paris amid the epidemic appeared unclear. Macron’s office on Monday described Pompeo’s planned halt at the Presidential Elysée Palace as a “courtesy” visit.

No press conference was scheduled, which makes it seem likely that reporters are likely to ask Pompeo or Macron about their conflicting views of the US election result.

Pompeo’s team officials said French officials told them that no press access was possible due to concerns over the COVID-19 epidemic. Paris is under partial lockdown with the aim of slowing the spread of coronovirus.

Pompeo has not accepted Trump’s election defeat. Macron phoned Biden last week to congratulate him.

Pompeo’s visit is intended to shore up the priorities of Trump’s outgoing administration.

In an arrival tweet in France on Saturday, he laid the standard diplomatic basis for their Paris talks, noting that France is the “oldest friend and ally” of the United States. “The strong relationship between our countries cannot be underestimated,” he tweeted.

From Paris, Pompeo was expected to travel to Turkey.

No meetings with Turkish officials were scheduled during the visit to Istanbul, a senior State Department official who was not authorized to speak publicly about Pompeo’s agenda last week.

The official said that stopping in Turkey would focus on promoting religious freedom and fighting religious persecution.

Pompeo will discuss religious issues with the Economic Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew I, considered “the first among equals” in the Orthodox world, and with Turkish preacher Nuno, Archbishop Paul Russell.

The visit will also include visits to Israeli settlements in the West Bank which have been avoided by previous secretaries of state.

Prior to scheduled meetings with Macron and his foreign minister, Pompeo placed a bouquet of red, white and blue flowers at the memorial of victims of terrorism at the Hotel des Invalides, a Paris landmark.

The ceremony lasted for about a minute.


Matthew Lee in Washington and John Leicester in Paris contributed to this report.


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