After Cohen’s book, the South African government accused Trump of insulting Mandela

South Africa’s major political party fired back President TrumpDonald John Trumpetted Cruz, a longtime fan of ‘The Princess Bride’, ‘swipes at cast members’, Trump lays wide net at Labor Day press conference for plans to raise money for Democrats. Biden has vowed to become the strongest Labor president. more On Tuesday, allegations were made about the derogatory remarks on the US president about Nelson Mandela, former South African president and civil rights leader.

Since a statement issued by the African National Congress, the leading political party in South Africa, when Mandela’s government abolished racist laws after coming to power in 1994, Trump had to serve as “American, President” Most called a “divisive, inaccurate and abusive person.”

According to the Broadcasting Corporation of Canada (CBC), “All the freedom-loving people of the world are plagued by these insults, which come from a person who is not himself a model of competent leadership.”

The Nelson Mandela Foundation, referring to the former president, told the Nelson Mandela Foundation, “We do not believe that the way Mr. Trump conducts himself is in a position to give official commentary on the life and actions of leader Madeeha.” .

Condemnation came in response to an excerpt from a written book Michael cohenMichael Dean Cohen Cohen claims in the new book that Trump is’ guilty of similar crimes’ because he was knocked by Michael Cohen for Trump’s house arrest: he will start a war to stay in office ‘Biden to Trump Cannot allow setting agenda.The president’s longtime former personal advocate and fixer, who wrote that Trump accused Mandela of ruining South Africa after his death in 2013.

“Mandela f — ed the whole country. It’s a shit now. F – k Mandela. He was no leader,” Trump said at the time, according to his former aide.

The White House has dismissed the allegations leveled by Cohen in the book, asking him to clarify his name to the words of a disgruntled former aide.

Mandela’s legacy is celebrated worldwide and particularly in South Africa, where the former president was jailed for 27 years for his civil rights activism before he was elected. All of South Africa’s white racist government freed him in 1990 amid fears of a civil war, and four years later collapsed under his democratic takeover of the country.

The US ambassador to South Africa responded in a statement to the CBC, while not addressing the president’s alleged remarks.

“I’ve had discussions with President Trump of South Africa many times, and he has only ever spoken positively about the country,” said Ambassador Lana Marx. “America is committed to working together with South Africa to realize the promise of a more peaceful, more productive, more prosperous and more prosperous 21st century.”