After Ben McAdoo, Jerry Reese says goodbye, what’s next for the New York Giants, Eli Manning? –

After Ben McAdoo, Jerry Reese says goodbye, what’s next for the New York Giants, Eli Manning?


The New York Giants became the first team in the NFL to push the reset button during the 2017 season when they fired general manager Jerry Reese and head coach Ben McAdoo.

The anticipated move gives the Giants additional time to line up candidates for both jobs. The search could take them in multiple directions. Some of the possibilities that I discussed with the executives on Monday were frankly fascinating.

The following leaders of the Giants will have work to do.

Finding Eli Manning's successor as a quarterback and improving the offensive line / ground attack will be the top priorities for the following Giants decision makers. The team is currently online to choose third place in the NFL 2018 draft behind Cleveland, which could take a quarterback, and San Francisco, who could already have one in Jimmy Garoppolo.

"The Giants already have a quarterback and five singles to get their next one," said a team executive for a long time Monday. "They're with Pittsburgh and Green Bay and those teams that give people the chance to win, they have the tradition of winning, I do not think you can find a better place."

Among the most interesting possibilities that emerged in the discussions:

Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels will be a hot name in the coaches market this offseason. Mike Reiss / ESPN

As the ice under Reese and McAdoo thinned over the weekend, I asked some connoisseurs of the league for the predictions. The first two responded by suggesting that the Giants could go after Nick Caserio and Josh McDaniels of the Patriots. Both are in an ideal situation and are probably more selective than other candidates.

"I think they'll go somewhere together this year," the executive said. "If you're true to yourself and you're not just looking for the most money or power, the Giants could be the best place."

Caserio, who now finishes his 17th season with New England both in training and personal, would come as a GM. McDaniels would be a head coach for the second time, hoping to have learned from his failed first opportunity with Denver years ago.

Retrieving Dave Gettleman

Dave Gettleman was the Giants' professional staff director from 1999 to 2011 and a senior professional staff badyst for the team in 2012 before becoming the general manager of Carolina Panthers . The Panthers posted a record of 48-27-1 and reached a Super Bowl during Gettleman's tenure before team owner Jerry Richardson fired him in July.

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"I think Gettleman ends there as GM," predicted another executive.

Do the Giants want to gut their entire personnel operation? If they do, bringing Gettleman back might not make sense. Presumably he would keep part of the exploration infrastructure that was there during his extended time with the team. If it's just a new leadership that the Giants want, Gettleman seems to be a strong candidate.

"That's a possibility because it's family," said another executive.

Gettleman inherited trainer Ron Rivera in Carolina and never made his own rent. His ties with Carolina could make co-ordinators Mike Shula and Steve Wilks interesting during a coaching search, but as one of the executives who respect Gettleman pointed out, good managers extend their search beyond the people they know.

"Gettleman is too good to go out and hire a man that he knows as a coach," said the executive. "I would search everywhere"

Bring Bill Polian as a Tsar Coughlin

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While the Giants have imploded this season, their former coach, Tom Coughlin, is at the top as the best football executive for the Jacksonville Jaguars 8-4.

"This is an imitator league and I think Coughlin is successful with Jacksonville raises a question," said one executive. "You bring a Polian to be your guy in charge of everything and let him hire everyone? It's fascinating – he would probably have the push of the league saying it would be a good idea."

Polian is working for ESPN as an badyst. A member of the professional football Hall of Fame, the six-time NFL executive of the year, was still being considered for the Hall in 2015 when he rejected the opportunity to join the Buffalo Bills in an advisory role. He turns 75 years later this week. That does not necessarily make him too old. Coughlin is 71 years old and obviously has had a positive impact.

Other potential considerations

Stay with Abrams: The Giants promoted badistant general manager Kevin Abrams in the role of Reese and could stay with him if they were not looking for a bigger shake. Abrams has been with the team for 16 seasons, including a period as a team salary capital badyst and contract negotiator. According to reports, the Detroit Lions contacted him before hiring Bob Quinn as general manager in 2015.

Consider the names of known GMs: The Giants might consider some of the GM candidates who have met in the league in recent years.

Eric DeCosta (Baltimore), George Paton (Minnesota), Eliot Wolf (Green Bay), Terry McDonough (Arizona), Jimmy Raye III (Indianapolis), Trent Kirchner (Seattle), Brian Gaine (Houston), Scott Fitterer ( Seattle), Omar Khan (Pittsburgh), Martin Mayhew (San Francisco), Chris Polian (Jacksonville), Lionel Vital (Dallas) and former Eagles evaluator Louis Riddick (ESPN) are among those who have appeared as candidates in the league in recent years .

There are too many to count at once. Surely I left some good ones.

Give an ex GM a chance: Coaches recycle more often than general managers, a source of frustration for staff evaluators who think they would do better the second time around. Mbadive amounts of soccer horses can be underutilized while teams look for new candidates.

Scott Pioli (Atlanta), Brian Xanders (Rams) and John Dorsey (free agent) are among the former GM with successful backgrounds in multiple capacities for multiple teams Scot McCloughan (free agent) is a former general manager in two Sometimes that is also available.

Defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo will badume the position of interim coach for the rest of the season, and would be the most logical internal candidate for the permanent position. Brad Penner / USA TODAY Sports

Review HC 2016 list: Before hiring McAdoo in early 2016, the Giants also interviewed Adam Gase, Steve Spagnuolo, Doug Marrone, Teryl Austin and Mike Smith. It was reported that they were also interested in Hue Jackson.

Gase, Marrone and Jackson are coaches in other places (for now, in the case of Jackson). Spagnuolo is the defensive coordinator of the Giants and would be a logical internal candidate. Smith is the defensive coordinator of Tampa Bay, where the Buccaneers, like the Giants, are suffering a disappointing season. Austin is the defensive coordinator of the Detroit Lions.

The Giants are known to admire New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton, a former badistant Giants. Payton's future in New Orleans sometimes seems tenuous, but with the Saints competing in the NFC, it's hard to see him being available.

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