After a $ 100 million deal, Joe Rogan is splitting in California

Joe Rogan, you just signed a $ 100 million license deal, what are you going to do next?

Well, he is not going to the Disneyland district,
. In fact, as he recently announced on his “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, he is moving in the opposite direction.

‘When you look at the traffic, when you look at the economic despair, when you see that homeless problem that has been fundamentally accelerating in the last six, seven, 10 years, I think there are a lot of people here. I don’t think it’s possible, I don’t think it’s manageable. ‘

Rogan argues for leaving Los Angeles and heading – “soon” – to Texas.

“Every mayor does a t ** job of doing this because I don’t think anyone can do a big job of it,” said Rosan, who reports $ 30 million a year doing his podcasts. “I think there are some things you have to deal with when you have a f ** k LA population.”

Here he is making those comments:

Criticizing the coronovirus lockdown in May, Rogan blocked a possible move.

“If California is making it restrictive, then I don’t know if it’s a good place to live,” he explained. “I can jet. I’m not kidding I’m not kidding, it’s silly. I do not need to be here. “

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Rogan trended on Twitter on Sunday, where, of course, politics took over:

Earlier this year, Rogan sold his podcast to Spotton.
+ 0.44%
In a license deal that is worth more than $ 100 million. Rogan’s entire library – which adds about 1,500 episodes over the years – will debut its new home on Sept 1.

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