After 2 days of long lines, the Volusia Transformation Vaccine Scheme

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – After a busy few days of vaccine delivery in Volusia County, county leaders are switching how they handle further vaccinations.

Which includes a new location and a new online system.

What do you want to know

  • The vaccine site reached 6 am for 6 consecutive days
  • Seniors said they just want to hug their grandchildren again
  • Volusia took vaccine delivery to Delton starting Thursday
  • The county also started making online appointments, which are all booked
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On Thursday and Friday, each day 1,000 seniors will receive the Modern COVID-19 vaccine by appointment only. The appointments went live at 3 pm on Tuesday afternoon, and all were claimed until 3:11 pm

The change is welcome for seniors who missed vaccinations at Daytona Stadium on Monday and Tuesday.

At 6 am on Tuesday morning, the vaccine site at Daytona Stadium – which was carrying 1,000 people a day on a first-come, first-served basis – closed its line. Some motorists were camping outside in their cars since 7 pm Monday.

Vaccination did not begin until 9 am

On Monday, hundreds of people were swept away as dozens of cars overturned at LPGA Boulevard. The city decided to open the gates before Tuesday citing security.

According to Daytona Beach police, officers were not originally going to park anyone overnight, but those who showed up were quickly overwhelmed.

The Belize got in line from 2:30 pm Monday afternoon and brought food and water so they could sleep in their car overnight. But when the site hit capacity and the line closed, they were still in line 6 miles away.

“I want to see my grandfather, spend time with him. I hope I can take the next shot soon, so that I can see the rest of my family,” Edward Bailey said.

Halderman is a snowboarder from Missouri who also slept in his car.

“It was really cool, because Missouri is a little bit behind. They are still doing nursing homes and that type of work,” Kathy Halderman said.

On Monday, Roger Phillips said he could not camp Sunday night, saying he was released. Then on Tuesday he faced a decision after the line started for midday vaccinations.

Phillips tried again on Tuesday morning.

“I am not going. … If they threaten me a ticket, give me a ticket, I will pay the ticket. But I think it is more for me and my wife than to be able to see and love our grandchildren like we were this morning, ”he told Spectrum News.

Phillips was able to secure his and his wife’s appointments on Tuesday afternoon. He said that he had a hard time booking online, but was able to make an appointment over the phone.

“I think they need a better program, they need a better plan, a more effective plan to get this vaccine out,” Phillips said.

For those who missed vaccination, more vaccines have been introduced to come to Volusia County.

According to DeLand City Leaders, they have approved several locations to be used as vaccine delivery points. They claimed that they could have a vaccination program as soon as next week.


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