AFT threatens ‘security attacks’ in school renegotiations

Weingarten said in June that 76 percent of his union’s members said they were comfortable returning to school buildings with “appropriate security measures” before the virus quickly spread to the US and President Donald Trump, as well Education Secretary Bates DeVos, started. “Reckless ‘open or else’ threats.”

“Now they are angry and frightened,” Vengarten said. “Many people are giving up their wishes, retiring or writing. Parents are scared and angry.”

Main Reference: The group, which is the second-largest labor union representing teachers in the United States, adopted a resolution this month that schools can only open in locations where the average daily community infection rate among people tested for coronovirus is 5 percent. is less than. Transmission rate is below 1 percent. The proposal condemns state and local authorities for “unsafe and without planning” or faulty implementation of schemes.

The union said the schools can only reopen when a high-risk employee for serious health problems or contracting a Kovid-19 can lead to death, access to special housing or workplace adjustments and local authorities plan to Schools should be closed if infection spreads. The union also demands that schools implement safety measures for classrooms, including physical disturbances and face covering regulations, and provide resources for facilities and “necessary updates to ventilation and building systems.” .

What will happen next: The Senate wants to set aside billions in Republican schools for aid for those who re-open for in-class classes, a situation that has drawn criticism from a growing number of advocates and Democrats. Now the work is on the stay table.

Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, is expected to discuss concerns about the reopening of schools when he sits down with Weigton during AFT Town Hall.

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