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Zsa Zsa, the bulldog, wins the ugliest dog competition in the world

The thirtieth edition of the ugliest world dog contest came to an end in Petaluma, California, on Saturday with Zsa Zsa, an English bulldog with an adorable tongue that hangs down to his chest, taking the best … worse? – on show.

"Nine year young with a boastful tongue, Zsa Zsa took a shower of slime while claiming this year's title," said a press release announcing his victory.

Zsa Zsa and owner Megan Brainard from Anoka, Minnesota, will receive $ 1,500, "a very large trophy" and a flight to New York, where they will appear on the "Today Show".

The competition was ruf. Deep bites and awkward tongues were a subject among the 15 household contenders, as were the crazy eyes.

  Zsa Zsa had her nails painted for the competition. ... Yep.
There was a beefy, "exercise intolerant" bulldog named Meatloaf (also known as Snorlax) that organizers suspect could be part of the pig. There was a Pekingese called Wild Thang that seems that Charlie Sheen has just lost control. They also competed some sullen-looking Chihuahuas and several Chinese crests, which are for ugly dogs that show what the Brazilians are for the World Cups.
Chinese crests and crested mixtures arrived strong. Rascal Deux and Charlie the "zombie dog" are, objectively speaking, two of the most homelike animals that this author has ever seen. And one of China's crested blends is blind, forcing Zsa Zsa to overcome the main points of sympathy.

"It was a very difficult decision, we love all the dogs," said NBC News correspondent and judge Jo Ling Kent. "It was a great responsibility, and we are very happy with Zsa Zsa."

The finalists were Scamp, a dreadlocked terrier-like creature that enjoys literary sights such as "Go, Dog. Go!" and Josie, a crested Chinese nut and originally from Tucson, Arizona, whose tongue hangs from the side of her mouth.

Although mocking these scruffy beasts is a lot of fun, the ugliest dog contest in the world is really a noble endeavor.

A function of the Sonoma-Marin annual fair, seeks to demonstrate that "the pedigree does not define the mascot". By raising awareness about the benefits of adoption, "the contest talks about the importance of advocating for the worship of all animals," even those who are not blessed with the look of Lassie's movie star.

Many of the puppies that participated in the contest were rescued from shelters to kill or puppy mills, according to the organizers.

That includes Zsa Zsa, her 2018 queen, who spent five years in a puppy mill in Missouri before being bought by the nonprofit Underdog Rescue.

"From the moment we saw her beautiful face, we knew we would be her home forever," said Brainard. "We are very enthusiastic about her, she deserves it"


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