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Zsa Zsa, Anoka's bulldog, makes his way to victory in the ugliest dog competition in the world – Twin Cities

Upon entering the world's ugliest dog contest in Petaluma, Linda Elmquist of Tucson, Arizona, had high hopes that her dog could try again.

Josie, a Chinese with a Chihuahua mix, had already participated five times in the competition that takes place annually at the Sonoma-Marin fairgrounds, taking home a respectable second and third place in recent years.

But after checking out a rival named Zsa Zsa, Elmquist thought it was a game on Saturday night.

"I should not promote competition, but she's amazing," Elmquist said of the giant 9-year-old English bulldog.

That prediction turned out to be true when Zsa Zsa took home the crown along with the $ 1,500 winner's prize for its owner, Megan Brainard of Anoka, Minnesota. 19659002] Zsa Zsa was definitely the public's favorite among the approximately 300 attendees at the fair who saw the competition in the midst of a scorching 94-degree heat. It was unmistakable with protruding shoulders like cartoons along with two lower incisors that stuck out like twisted chocolates on its black snout.

"It looks like a predator," said Elmquist.

What sealed the deal with the judges and the crowd was their language, a funnel of saliva when Brainard took her to the stage. The tongue hung at least four inches below his jaw while Zsa Zsa rested, similar to the fusion clock in Salvador Dalí's painting "The Persistence of Memory."

In fact, one of the judges during the competition asked Brainard: "That language is real?"

Brainard said she was surprised by the victory. She picked up Zsa Zsa about four years ago as a rescue dog from the Missouri puppy factory. It took his family three days to go to Petaluma for the contest.

"It has come so far and is so beautiful in my eyes," said Brainard, who operates a dog and cat repair shop. "It's your language, and your personality and your slobber."

Josie finished third in the contest and Scamp, a dog owned by Yvonne Morones of Santa Rosa, finished in second place among the 14 dogs that competed.

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