Top 5 predictions of cloud services 2018

January 9, 2018 • Backup and storage, Cloud Computing, Opinion

  Top 5 predictions of cloud services 2018

Karl Roe VP Services and cloud solutions in Nuvias.

2018 will be another year where cloud services are at the forefront of all discussion at the boardroom level as the amount of data and the need to analyze that data continues to grow at an alarming rate.

Keeping this in mind, Karl Roe, VP Services & Cloud Solutions in Nuvias, discusses what is reserved for organizations that use the cloud in 2018.

1) The Rise of AI
2018 will see that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will generate a transformational change between organizations and their impact on the use of the cloud.

ICTs are not simpler and companies are forced to move faster as their customers' requirements become more demanding. This drives innovation in areas such as AI, but the automation of previous processes will not be enough to keep up with the "need for speed" in business agility.

We will see many more AI projects and initiatives in 2018; it will be the cornerstone of the change in the automation of ICT. Proactive, automatic and non-human decisions are now a necessity. Are the robots coming? Yes, they are, but we still need to develop intellectual property (IP) to promote them.

2) IP will be key
With emerging technologies, such as AI, increasingly prominent in 2018, organizations demand software and customized solutions that solve their specific business problems.

As a result, companies are increasingly working with cloud service providers to gain a competitive advantage, including the use of public cloud providers to drive their IP-centric solutions. Investment in infrastructure development is diminishing, replaced by the need for specific solutions driven by businesses that require unique software to bring these solutions to life.

3) From partnership to strategic alliances
IP is the key, but many end users do not have the time, resources or internal skills to create their own unique solution that provides them the commercial advantage they require.

As such, they are forging long-term business relationships with technology service providers that understand their need for change and develop specific IP or software that uses public cloud services, embraces AI and, most importantly, resolves a problem commercial or specific to a client.

Public cloud providers also need these alliances of strategic partners to ensure that there is a shorter time to assess the transfer of workloads to the cloud, and provide solutions that go beyond IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) to fully use PaaS (Platform as a service)).

4) PaaS as a basis for digital transformation
We are starting to see SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) players now spreading to PaaS in response to customer demand.

Customers who are using a SaaS pivot such as CRM want to extend that platform to other use cases and requirements. It has taken a long time to arrive, but as the world moves towards a strategy in the cloud, the complexity of integrated public clouds is driving companies to explore PaaS.

5) Cloud security and cybersecurity services get board visibility [19659007] Cloud services have been a safe bet in the boardroom in recent years, but now the Question is, are they really safe? Decisions to use cloud services have been a relatively easy decision of the boardroom, due to its known cost and agility. But with more and more high-profile data infractions, questions are now being asked about the security of the cloud at the Directory level within companies.

The damaging nature of cyber attacks is now clearly in the line of sight of Board members. GDPR will also generate more questions at this level, making cyber security in the cloud a priority of the Council.

By Karl Roe, Vice President of cloud services and solutions at Nuvias

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