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This is an "attack" against us by the ANC – Mayor of Tshwane on a subqualified staff member

The mayor of Tshwane, Solly Msimanga, described the latest scandal about an under-qualified executive in his office as an "attack" and an attempt to derail an audit of senior city officials instituted at his request.

The Citizen reported that Stefan de Villiers, who served as chief executive of Tshwane in the private office of Msimanga, was appointed without meeting the requirements announced for the job.

De Villiers has a matrix certificate, is a qualified fitness trainer and a bodybuilding champion.

The second mayor employee scandal, after it emerged that his chief of staff Marietha Aucamp was appointed without meeting basic requirements.

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Subsequently, he resigned.

"This is an attack, people are trying to divert attention," Msimanga told News24.

Blamed the main opposition party in the city, the ANC, saying it was an attempt by its members to divert attention from the ongoing investigation into the qualifications of the people.

"These are attacks from the ANC and officials are working with them," Msimanga said.

Claimed the skills audit he had ordered had already made "shocking findings" about how people were appointed during the ANC's mandate.

& # 39; Political appointment & # 39;

The ANC was expelled after a terrible performance at the polls during the 2016 local government elections.

Defending De Villiers, Msimanga said he had been honest about his qualifications.

"He stated from the beginning, unlike Marietha," said the mayor of Tshwane.

In a statement from the Msimanga office, the mayor called De Villiers as a "political appointment" whose task was "to provide support to government leaders."

"Stefan has been appointed to his position in my private office and plays a vital role in ensuring that I have time available in my South Carolina hedule to communicate with all the Tshwane communities," he explained.

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In response to the news, the ANC once again asked Msimanga and the Committee member Mayor Cilliers Brink to resign, accusing the two of Aucamp of hunting head to act as chief of staff, then circumventing processes to name her permanently "in defense of white supremacy."

"seeks to suggest that if he is white, he does not need qualifications to be appointed to a management position, now they have hired a bodybuilder without any qualification, except a questionable bodybuilders certificate in a position that requires 12 years of experience and post qualification. -matricial, "the councilor and spokesman of the ANC caucus, Lesego Makhubela, said in a statement.

He added that the ANC wanted to eliminate De Villiers and recover all the money he had been paid. The party claimed that both he and Aucamp were strategically located in Msimanga's office to ensure they controlled the mayor.

"The two were the ones who, in the end, made critical decisions about how the city is run while Msimanga served as a spokesperson for such decisions," Makhubela said.

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