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The old town of Italy is pronounced after the claims of Salmonella

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Durban: the uMhlanga Rocks restaurant, Old Town Italy, is gathering customer reports following an apparent Salmonella outbreak this week.

On its Facebook page, restaurant management denied reports that the problem had lasted for a few months.

They wrote; "We have described the facts below and, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We will post updates as the new information comes to light, so please, check back.

• On Saturday, October 6, 2018, we had two reported incidents that were investigated, measures were taken and independent tests were conducted. Immediate measures were taken according to our health and safety guidelines to investigate the problem through a variety of independent tests, as well as a series of measures in our restaurant.

• No more incidents were reported until this week.

• On October 20, the test results returned and showed that there was no presence of Salmonella in our kitchen / personnel tested or in the tested ingredients, including eggs and hollandaise sauce.

• No more incidents were reported until November 5.

• Therefore, we saw the two cases as isolated. Despite this, we take additional precautionary measures, in addition to our normal health and safety procedures. "

Management said on Monday they received 11 reports from clients who became ill and committed to them.

"After the publication of our public statement, we have been receiving additional reports and are in the process of collecting all the relevant information. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected, "said the management.

Customers who wish to contact the restaurant can contact us. [email protected]

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