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The head of AIBA, Gafur Rakhimov, says that boxing will remain on the list of the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo

New Delhi: Boxing faces an uncertain Olympic future, but the head of the world body, Gafur Rakhimov, said on Wednesday that the sport will remain on the list of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, having improved several aspects as requested by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). ).

Interim President of the International Boxing Association, Gafur Rakhimov, speaks during the opening ceremony of the 2018 Women's Boxing World Championship in New Delhi. AFP

Gafur Rakhimov speaks during the opening ceremony of the 2018 Women's Boxing World Championship in New Delhi. AFP

The sport risks expulsion from the Olympic Games after the controversial Uzbek businessman Rakhimov was elected president of AIBA this month. If boxing will be at the 2020 Olympics, it will be decided at a meeting of the IOC executive committee in Tokyo next month.

The election of Rakhimov has caused consternation in the Olympic movement with the 67-year-old linked to organized crime by the United States Department of the Treasury. However, he has vehemently denied the accusations.

Rakhimov said he relied on the future of boxing as an Olympic sport in a press conference after declaring the tenth Women's World Championship open.

"There is nothing to worry about, these (problems) have been going on for many years and we have been correcting them, it has nothing to do with a person and the interest of the person will not be over boxing. the Olympic Games, "he said.

"We are doing a lot for the boxers, in the last 10 months at the head of AIBA, we have brought many improvements and improvements, and we will continue to give our boxers the best."

Asked about the report submitted by AIBA to the IOC before the meeting of the executive committee of the Olympic coordinating body in Tokyo next month, Rakhimov said: "Areas of concern have accumulated over many years, including anti-doping, integrity of arbitration, governance and financial aspects.

"This report also combined the information of the Youth Olympic Games for the arbitration, which was well received by the IOC and the anti-doping cases, cases of the AMA that AIBA now fulfills 100%." ​​AIBA always hopes to cooperate with the IOC to improve any area that we lack and that has been of concern for the National Olympic Committees ".

On the subject of arbitration disputes, Rakhimov said: "The IOC has advised retaining Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PWC) as the company to supervise or analyze arbitration programs and structures and make recommendations." So far, the recommendations have been positive. and we will continue working to improve the arbitration system badly inherited from the past ".

The Executive Director of AIBA, Tom Virgets, said that the world body was working hard to improve arbitration standards.

"AIBA has now changed the process of selecting referees, judges and ITOs, and previously the president and the executive director used to approve these arbitrators and judges, now they have been removed from the process. commissions.

"We have also returned to five judges of three, we are training more officials to have a larger group of trained officials and we intend to increase this number to 200 percent." We have also added a protest system in the program that will take place at the beginning of next year.

"This protest system will allow fighters and coaches to protest if they feel the refereeing was out of place, to ensure that, in the worst case, if a bout has gone clearly to the wrong side, there will be a method. to correct that. "

Rakhimov was asked if AIBA was worried about the dirty air of Delhi.

"Since the time came, I checked to see if there is a problem, so far, none, all have the highest standards," he said.

On the possibility that India will host Asian qualifiers for the 2020 Olympic Games, he said that "India will be among the bidders for hosting the Asian qualifiers for the 2020 Olympic Games and I hope India has the opportunity."

"This will be the new era of competition (AIBA) in India, we are open to India having the best competitions and, at the same time, there are also many other countries that want to organize these events.

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