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Superbugs kill 33,000 Europeans each year – Delano

According to new data published by The Lancet, superbugs kill around 33,000 people throughout Europe every year.

The deaths occur as a "direct consequence of infection by antibiotic-resistant bacteria."

The burden of infection is measured in the number of cases, deaths and years of life adjusted for superbacterial disability and is equivalent to that of influenza, tuberculosis and HIV / AIDS combined.

The following infographic shows where bacteria resistant to antibiotics cause the highest number of deaths in Europe.

The number of victims varies enormously between countries and Italy accounts for one third of all cases throughout the continent, with almost 11,000 deaths in total. France ranks second with more than 5,500, while Germany, Poland and the United Kingdom saw their deaths exceed 2,000.

This table shows the median number of deaths due to bacteria resistant to antibiotics in 2015

This article and graphic originally appeared on the blog of Statista statistics firm and are republished here with permission.

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