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Start your engines! The first trailer for Need for Speed ​​Heat is here

Earlier this week it was revealed that EA was planning a special announcement about a new Need for speed game, with the official website sporting a timer. However, like many things on the Internet, the game's title and settings were leaked before the countdown ended. Now, the first trailer of Need for fast heat It is here and it seems that the leaks were half true.

2019 marks the 25th anniversary of Need for speed, and a new game will be the 26th in the racing series. However, in recent years, the brand has suffered many of the games that were not well received by fans and critics. EA re-greased the engine and finally adjusted its model with new and bright parts? Maybe.

With the nostalgia of the 80s in the creative industry at its highest point, a trend marked by programs such as Strange things, Need for fast heat, a merger between 2015 Need for speed Y Need for Speed ​​Rivals, players will drop in the middle of a neon-lit Miami during the golden years. Expect a lot of car racing action and, of course, many fast cars.

While the first trailer does not reveal much of the game's history, it is full of exciting car chases of runners against police and illegal underground competitions at night. But what else can you ask for?

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