Sperm counts 50 per cent lower in the microscopy of the changes that are; smoking

Surveys have been linked to occasional smoking by startup by reducing sperm accounts in males. Now, Lund University's research team in Sweden has discovered independently from its mother's nicotine exposure that the men who had the kidneys were smoking during a & # 39; Grid with sperm with those with non-smoking changes.

The 104 men of Sweden were inspected between 17 and 20 years of age. Once the researchers had changed for their own mother to be involved in nicotine, socio-economic factors, and their own son's smokes, there were men who had the & # 39; Smoking was 41% sperm and 51 percent less sperm than non-smoking. Lund University University is a researcher in the first report.

"I was very amazing, despite the level of his / her mother's nicotine appearance, the sperm account of the people who had the changes was smoking was so lower quality ", says Jonatan Axelsson, a specialist medical in medicine and environment.

Metabolite is from Nicitine in her & nbsp; binarcer cotinine can be measured in the blood. By measuring cotinine level, researchers can see if their own parents are smoking or whether they have been exposed to passive smoking. Many previous surveys have shown that it is harmful to the wilderness if their mothers are pregnant. Smoking but, in this study, the relationship between the use of his father's smoking and the human sperm count is even clearer.

Jonatan Axelsson can not explain why this is and think that more research is needed to understand the basic ideas. On the other hand, it is a definition, similar surveys have also shown links between the smoking statements and different health outcomes in children, such as bad collections.

"Unlike a maternal herd, the father's gametes are constantly divided throughout life and often tend to take place in the precise degree of the cell division. We know that There are many materials in a tobacco smoke that causes mosaics, so one can think that the gametes have been making mosaics and so give a gene that is resulting in a reduction in the quality of sperm in the male. "

Most of the new tenants (known as novo mutations) a & # 39; come through his father and there are links between his father's age and a number of complicated diseases. In addition, researchers have shown that smoking is associated with DNA damage in sperm and smokers in the DNA series have more burst. Children of the smoker statements are reported to have up to four times many of them in a particular part of the DNA as children at the time they do not. smoking.

"We know that there is a link between counting spells and opportunities to be pregnant with a child, so this may affect the future of those men in the future. Smoking Their father is also linked to the life of a shorter revival in girls, and so it seems that everything depends on whether their mother is smoking or does not show sure. Future research could move closer to a causal link, "ending Jonatan Axelsson.


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