SA's biggest restaurant awards adapt to international trends

New Media Publishing has announced interesting changes for Eat Out the best SA guide for SA's best food, by 2018.

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Abigail Donnelly [19659004] The panel of judges for the future Eat Out Mercedes-Benz Restaurant Awards will be completely anonymous. This comes after Abigail Donnelly announces that she will step down from Eat Out editor and chief judge on January 31, 2018, after 12 years on the mark. Donnelly will remain at New Media Publishing as food editor at Woolworths TASTE with a greater focus on her career in food design and recipe development as she takes on a more important role with Woolworths as Foods Marketing Creative Manager.

This measure allows Eat Out the opportunity to follow international trends by appointing a jury that is completely anonymous. The members of the panel will be selected by the team Eat Out and will have experience and experience as chefs, educators in the gastronomy or hospitality industry, expert clients with international culinary experience, food critics, hoteliers and winemakers. . The identities of the judges will not be revealed while they remain on the panel, and the results will be awarded by Eat Out and verified by the audit firm AS Pocock to ensure consistency.

Says Abigail Donnelly, " Eat Out means the world to me I will miss the chefs and their brigades, and, of course, the team Eat Out but I can not see the time to see the next chapter and take this industry, which I love so much, to new levels … "

Says Anelde Greeff, editor-in-chief of Eat Out :" Our brand has always evolved to keep up with day with international trends and the demands of consumers and the restaurant industry, this change will position us as a truly world-class brand within the food space. "

Aileen Lamb, managing director of New Media Publishing, concludes: "Abigail has played an integral role in the last 12 years in the consolidation Eat Out & s position in the market, and we are going We are thrilled that she remains in the New Media family in her role in the magazine TASTE and I wish her all the best in her new adventures with Woolworths. "

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