Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to work with Frogmore Cottage

With Meaghan Wray

As the The Duke and Duchess of Sussex Best way to move into them
new family home at Frogmore Cottage, several changes have been made
– painting their nursery to build a separate room
Mum's Mum, Doria Ragland. But one of the final details is said to be something
Maybe few of them expected: a fire sound!

Meghan and HarryThe family's future home is situated in the stables
the beautiful landscape of Windsor, but it is also happening underneath it
air route to Heathrow Airport. Being one of the busiest industries in the world
the airports, Sussexes, have taken on their own to ensure that there is no noise
the new baby, with a $ 65,000 defensive guard replacement, woke up.

Photographs were taken to Harry and Meghan at Frogmore House. Photo: © Alexi Lubomirski

Some of these renewables include three-tier glass
windows – a change that can also help their home in a more natural way
keeping heat, according to their ecological way of life. On top of the sound
he also notes that both have a green energy unit CA $ 86,000
introducing, creating an environmentally friendly nursery (suitable for vegan paint!) and
a separate location for Doria.

FURTHER: The moving date of Prince Harry and Meghan
published! Find out when they are moving into Frogmore Cottage

Meghan has a pen tool for interior design and so is not
that it is surprising that royal people invented this support with Soho House
designer inside Vicky Charles to create her dream home. he is
also a romantic indication on the starting point for Harry's relationship with Meghan,
when they are usually private club clubs for low dates.

The two soon move into Frogmore House. Photograph: © Getty Images

It turns out that the stork comes to Frogmore Cottage
replacing Kensington Palace, where a royal watchmen believed first
couples will add camp next to itThe Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. They thought they would make Apartment 1 the home

To him HELLO!,
The palace announced the decision: "The Duke and Duchess."
Sussex moves to Frogmore Cottage on the Windsor Estate early next year
they prepare for their first child. The couple are living
Nottingham Cottage since they were last involved. Windsor is a special phenomenon
Their Royal Highnesses have a place to thank and are grateful for their official residence
will be on the estate. The Duke and Duchess's official office will still be following
located at Kensington Palace. ”

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