Nigeria: The second phase of the biggest Food Vaccine campaign in Nigeria has ever been to; get on

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The Nigerian Government – supported by the World Health Organization (WHO), Gavi, Vaccine Alliance and UNICEF are targeting 26.2 million people to speak this year through aggressive campaigns. The second phase of the biggest human fever campaign has ever been to try to establish a population of immunity throughout the country and it has begun today.

This phase of the initiative, funded by Gavi, will run from November 22 to December 1, 2018 and will target 18.6 million children and adults in Plateau, Sokoto, Kebbi, Niger and Borno recites in addition to the Scheduled Capital.

"People will be vaccinated within 9 months to a 44 year group, parents are advised that they and their children can participate in the vaccine; their & Vaccinated, safe and effective vaccine, "said Dr Joseph Oteri, Head of National Responsibilities of the National Nigeria National Healthcare Development Agency.

Yellow fever is caused by a virus spread through the massacre damage that is converted. Some patients can be adversely affected, including high fever and goddess (yellow skin and eyes), but a vaccine can be easily prevented by a vaccine provide protection for life.

"It's a big campaign in protecting millions of people," said Dr Matshidiso Moeti, WHO's Divisional Director for Africa. "But this performance represents a major step in attacking the protection of people from viral healing disease that may be fatal not only in Nigeria but in the African region. "

To ensure that this phase of the vaccine campaign runs smoothly, the Force Health Ministry, in conjunction with WHO, supported by Gavi, is trained and used on the Management Support Team (MST) . The MSTs keep track of the arrangements they are going to; in the campaign and, in partnership with WHO's yellow fever experts, they will be leaders and technical support through the initiative itself.

"Nigerian is on the front line in the world battle against a yellow fever," said Professor Seth Berkley, Head of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. "Current vaccine coverage is still dangerous, as shown by the latest statement, and this is why this initiative is so important to protect the danger. Although this campaign will save life, we need our focus their efforts on the long-term solution – a normal vaccine-related development so that every child is protected, preventing it from being happening in the first place. "

First phase of the major vaccine vaccination process was stopped; yellow fever (PMVC) in January and February 2018 in Kwara, Kogi and Zamfara telling and parts of the Borno state. About 8.7 million adults and children aged 9 months to 45 years old were immunized. It is expected that 26.2 million people will be vaccinated against this year's yellow fever.

The campaign is happening because Nigeria is experiencing a " receiving a yellow disease. Since its inception in September 2017, certified issues were recorded in 27 Local Government Areas over 14 states.

Nigeria is one of 50 partners continuing on the Eliminate Fever Epidemics (EYE) strategy. Directed by WHO, Gavi and UNICEF, the strategy aims to protect dangerous numbers, prevent international and international broadcasting. including a breach quickly.

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