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LETTER: There are no lessons here, China

The ANC recognizes that it has a problem, but its response is to change the electoral tactics, not its disastrous policies. To this end he is sending 300 cadres for China to be trained in communication, which caused the ANC's spokesman, Pule Mabe, to spit his way through an interview of CNEA trying to explain what a political party could learn in a constitutional democracy of an authoritarian one-party state.

His response was "discipline", and the non sequitur that "when the Chinese want a new airport rises quickly".

The ANC could save the cost of sending its students to learn that: (1) discipline within the ranks of parties, public employees or the general population is easy to achieve when the alternative is firm punishment and decisive (being courteous) without due process; and (2) airports can be built quickly when there are no unions or disorderly public participation to hinder it.

In addition, it is quite essential that public employees who run the state are technically qualified and competent, come to work every day, do not eat greasy chips at their desks and do not take trash in the streets when they protest.

What they could learn, however, is how their "disciplined" authorities would handle the strikes at the state electricity supplier, roving gangs of taxi drivers who kill each other and whoever gets in the way, and perpetrators of the theft flagrant state, in addition to let them renounce their illicit profits after dragging their arrogant denials as long as possible.

The ANC really has no idea.

Sydney Kaye
Cape Town


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