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  Lawndale News Chicago Bilingual Newspaper - Health

  Lawndale News Chicago Bilingual Newspaper - Health

An experimental HIV vaccine was safe and triggered strong immune responses in healthy adults and monkeys, the researchers report. They say it also protected two thirds of the monkeys against a virus similar to HIV. Although the results of animal studies are not always the same in humans, the researchers are encouraged by this early-stage study, which included nearly 400 healthy people. For their next step, they are launching a new vaccine trial that will include 2,600 women in southern Africa who are at risk of HIV infection. The experimental vaccine against HIV-1 is one of five that have progressed to the effectiveness tests in humans. Although previous experimental vaccines against HIV-1 have generally been limited to specific regions of the world, this vaccine combines different HIV viruses. The goal is to unleash immune responses against a wide variety of strains of HIV, according to the authors of the study published Friday in the medical journal The Lancet. Around 37 million people worldwide have HIV / AIDS, and there are 1.8 million new cases a year.

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