Gluten-free foods are not healthier than normal, apparently

  Gluten-free foods are not healthier than normal, apparently
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Gluten-free products are not better for you than normal carbohydrates, according to one expert.

Suzanne Mahady is a gastroenterologist at Monash University in Australia, and she advises not to divert gluten unless it is a true celiac.

In fact, he says that actively avoiding gluten can put your health at risk.

& # 39; For people without a celiac "There is no evidence to support claims that a strict gluten-free diet is beneficial for health," he tells The Conversation.

– It is even possible that the opposite occurs and avoiding the intake of whole grains that causes a low intake of fiber to be harmful. "

She goes on to say that gluten-free foods are often thought to be the healthy alternative, but that there is little evidence to support that.

And there's a lot of evidence to support Suzanne's theo ry.

The study published last year analyzed data from thousands of people over a 26-year period and the researchers concluded that those who do not have celiac disease should not be encouraged to go gluten-free.

& # 39; Gluten evasion can result in a reduction in the consumption of beneficial whole grains that can affect cardiovascular risk, "they concluded.

However, it's worth saying that many of us who suffer from chronic distension are encouraged not to have gluten and we're We hold that we feel much better for doing it.

Many doctors agree that they may have sensitivity to non-celiac gluten, for which the only solution is to eliminate many wheat products and follow a diet low in FODMAP. But there is still a lot of controversy about the disorder because it has not been investigated enough yet and there is not enough similarity between the cases.

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Therefore, it is complicated. [19659004] Certainly, if you feel good eating gluten, hold on. Swerving gluten is not going to make you healthier, fitter or thinner.

If, however, eating regular carbohydrates makes you feel bad and avoiding them in favor of gluten-free products helps fight swelling and cramping, then you should absolutely continue to eat that way.

Go see your GP about your symptoms and insist on running all available tests. But if you are suggested to follow a low diet in FODMAP, then that is a good place to start.

Gluten-free may have links to the wellness industry, but for many of us, it's also a real lifesaver to feel good. .

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