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Federer looks at the ATP final to reach the 100 race


London – Roger Federer he said on Friday that he focuses on winning the ATP Finals for the seventh time, instead of the hundredth singles title of his brilliant career, while he hopes to finish 2018 in style.

The 20-time Swiss Grand Slam champion is playing at the end of the season for the 16th time and has achieved victory in a record six times: two in London, two in Shanghai and two in Houston.

The world number 3 has won four titles this year, including a second consecutive Australian Open, and is ranked in 99 individual race titles, second place after retired American Jimmy Connors, who accumulated 109.

"I do not think it really matters where I get my hundredth, as long as it's going to happen at some point," said the 37-year-old, who has not won the ATP finals since 2011.

"That's going to be exciting, I think if I win here it's more about winning the World Tour Finals and not winning my 100th.

"I love playing this event, I've always done it since I qualified for the first time in 2002. That was the highlight of my career when I was in the top eight and I also had a great career, that first time. "

Federer, who plays Japan's Kei Nishikori on Sunday in his first match of the tournament at London's O2 stadium, said he is generally happy with his season.

"Maybe Wimbledon and the US Open were not as expected, but those were really the only two disappointments of the season," he said. "I won a lot of tournaments again, I played very well at the Australian Open."

"I just had a really solid season and I kept myself free of injuries, particularly for most of the year, so I'm very happy with this season so far," he added.

"I have one more left, so I hope not to go on vacation with three losses."

The veteran said he does not consider age to be a factor in terms of maintaining form and fitness until the end of the season.

"Actually, only Novak (Djokovic) can say at this moment:" If I play as well as I have done in recent months, maybe I can also win the World Tour Finals ", but even that is not a fact because, especially in the best combinations of three indoors, the margins are thinner, so you can glide quickly.

"I've played well since 2011, although I did not end up winning the World Tour Finals, but I feel like I've done well and I do not feel like it's been so long, I feel like there were always a couple of guys maybe a little better during this week ".

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