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Affirms that they are not homophobic – Hollywood Life

Offset has responded to the outrage of fans who criticized him for his supposedly homophobic lyrics in his verse about "Boss Life". See your defensive message here!

Migos rapper Compensation states that the lyrics "I can not see with the queers" from his verse in YFN Lucci song "Boss Life" "It's not homophobic, like fanatics have accused Offset responded to the reaction on Twitter by tweeting the traditional definition of queer: "strange or strange." In a message obtained by Baller Alert Offset writes that, "I did not write the phrase about people homosexuals . I have said before, from these problems before, that I received love for all people. My passion for fashion has led [sic] to many gay people around me, whom I deeply respect and are very cool, so I'm not in a place where I hate like that.

"When I wrote that I was thinking of words that could rhyme with others (listening, learning, solitar, supporting) and saw that this definition about her had a strange feeling that she was being observed and fit what she was thinking about of a staggering paparazzi stalker … For me, that queer … I do not mean someone who is gay … I mean lame people who film you, publish it and stalk you … Lingo that means weird or strange. I'm sorry, I apologize, I'm offended if I offended someone. "

Do you accept that apology? Offset seems genuinely regretful that his lyrics are seen as homophobic, but he could have avoided all controversy if he used another word for "strange" in addition to "queer". Yes, queer means "strange or strange". But it also has a double meaning that refers to the LGBTQ + community (guess what Q means?), And he had to have recognized that while writing the song.

The use is especially problematic considering that Migos has been criticized for homophobia in the past. Quavo was criticized for saying in an interview in February 2017 in Rolling Stone that iLoveMakonnen destroyed his credibility as a rapper by leaving as gay. He apologized and said that his comments were taken out of context.

HollywoodLifers Do you accept the Offset apology or do you think your lyrics are still homophobic? Let us know!

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