AFC East Notes: Gilmore, Pats, Tua, Jets

November 7, 2020 at 2:40 am CST By Sam Robinson

although Patriot Shopping Stephen gilmore This spring, he hung him at the trade deadline after setting a high price for the deciding player of the year. Asked if the Patriots offered offers for Gilmore, Bill ballistic He said that he was not aware of it happening. The Pats gave Gilmore a salary of $ 5MM this year, but will face a decision in 2021 at standout cornerback. This will be the final season of Gilmore’s five-year $ 65MM deal. Together Jale Ramsay And Marlon humphrey Every secured extension worth an answer of $ 19MM per year, thus closing a long-standing corner market Gilmore would like to receive cash in his prime time. His potential new contract affected his business market, Tom Curren of NBC Sports Notes. Gilmore will turn 31 just after the start of next season.

Here is the latest from AFC East:

  • The dolphin‘Trophy of draft picks in 2021 influenced his decision to move Tua Tagoveloa Now in their starting lineup, building forwards auditions that seem like a strong quarterback draft. However, the owner Stephen ross According to the Miami Herald’s Armando Salguero, Tagovailoa was not behind the decision to include him in the starting lineup. With Ross the Dolphins, a key supporter of the quarterback, having been eyeing for more than a year before this year’s draft, it would certainly be interesting if the team remains attached to a potential round QB pick before the 2021 draft.
  • With their 0-8 record at the bottom of the league, The jet 2021 QB will remain connected to prospects – ie Trevor Lawrence. His 2018 first-round draftee position would move the Jets closer to the Clemson quarterback. Sam darnold Now following a shoulder injury against the Chiefs, he is unlikely to play against the Patriots. Adam gasse On Friday, Darnold told him he was not throwing as expected, and the Jets made their starter on Saturday suspicious for Monday’s game. Joe Fluke As the jet is in the queue to get the third start.
  • More trouble for AFC’s New York franchise. According to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, the Jets players and their agents recently alerted the NFLPA about the cameras in the team’s locker room. Specifically, the NFLPA contacted the NFL about surveillance devices hidden in smoke detectors in the JFT locker room, Mehta says. The league’s indicated cameras have been in and around the team’s locker room since 2008 and the players knew about them. It does not appear to be the case with many anonymous current and former players through Mehta. No consent letter permitting the cameras has been signed, and Mehta says the NFLPA is “upset” by the Jets unilaterally placing cameras in the locker room.


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