AFC East Notes: Douglas, Pats, White

The jet head coach Adam gasse Soon they can get their running papers, and though lease for G.M. Joe Douglas Will be a bit tall, Douglas is not to blame for the club’s struggles in its first 16 months or so. In a piece that colors all of Douglas’ misdeeds, Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News has an interesting nugget indicating that Douglas had struck an imminent settlement for free agent D.B. Logan Ryan – which Douglas allegedly coveted – because he was unhappy that the agreement had leaked to the media.

To be fair, other reporters wrote that Ryan was the real hurdle to bargain the price, and Mehta himself has noted on more than one occasion that Douglas is operating under financial constraints imposed by the owner, so It is unclear if Ryan is actually prevented from joining the gang. Green. And obviously the Jets will still look as directionless with Ryan as they do without, but when Douglas ‘body is held in black and white, one can understand the suspicion that the Jets’ fans would be thinking about GM’s abilities I can feel it

Now for more from AFC East:

  • Doug Kayed of believes Patriot Should try to trade for a top-flight wide receiver. His piece was published before QB Cam newton The team’s narrow defeat to the Seahawks in Week 2 threw the ball all over, but with New England’s win over the Raiders in Week 3, it was clear that Newton could use another receiving threat. After posting eight catches for 179 yards against Seattle, Julian Edelman Just two passes were caught for 23 yards against Las Vegas, and Pat Edelman’s snap count looks to be reduced. During this, N’kill harry Still coming in, and Damire Bird Is hardly irreparable. A player like Quaid Bears believes’ Alan robinson Would be a great fit, and that New England should not hesitate to give the 2021 draft capital.
  • before that PatriotWinning over Las Vegas,’s Mike Rees suggested that Sony michelle A big game was needed to keep his job as New England’s RB1, and Mitchell delivered. He reeled for 117 yards on just nine carries, though he and Jj taylor Both had 11 touches and Rex Burkhead There were 13 (three of which ended in touchdowns). As always, it looks like the Pats will adopt a committee approach to their backfield, and when the committee gets even more crowded Damian Harris Returns from IR. Still, it is encouraging for New England that Mitchell, who has not lived up to his status as a former first-rounder, looked as good as he did.
  • Bills Cornerback signed Trevadius white For a major expansion shortly before the season began, a deal in reference to the AAV ($ 17.25mm) temporarily positioned him as the highest-paid CB in the league. But as Jason Wolf of Buffalo News writes, some league observers believe that Buffalo came forward in the deal, such as Jale Ramsay White signed a five-year, $ 105MM extension soon after the ink dried on the contract. The NFL world knew that Rumsey’s deal was going to happen soon, so pundits like Joel Corey of CBS Sports believe White could have gotten at least $ 19mm per year if he was more patient, and It was prudent to strike the bill when they did. Of course, with $ 55MM guaranteed money coming their way, most people won’t be too sad for White.


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