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    Credit: All Elite Wrestling

    This week’s dynamite is supersized as it occurs on two nights, Wednesday and Thursday. There was a lot of action on the first night.

    Best friends confront Santana and Ortiz in a parking lot dispute after Proud and Powerful damage Soo’s minivan. Did Trent get his mother’s revenge or did Santa and Orat get the upper hand?

    Thunder Rosa also returned to Dynamite this week to defend the NWA Women’s Championship against Ivelisse in a rare cross-promotion match.

    The MJF was in action for the first time since losing to John Moxley at All Out, the private party battled Chris Jericho and Jake Hager and much more happened on Wednesday’s show.

    Let’s look at everything that happened on this week’s episode of Dynamite.

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    AEW launched Wednesday’s show in the match and non-wrestling segments.

  • MJF is back in action.
  • Moxley and Lance Archer meet.
  • Best Friends vs Proud and Powerful
  • Private Party vs. Jericho and Hager
  • Thunder Rosa vs Ivelisse
  • Hangman Page vs Frankie Kazarian
  • FTR vs Jurassic Express
  • Kip Sabian and Miro together again.

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    Jim Ross, Excalibur and Tony Schiavone welcomed us to the show before going right into the ring. Jurassic Express was waiting for the FTR when The Young Bucks came out, super-kicked the ref for no reason and left without saying anything.

    FTR made fun of him while walking backstage before going to the ring. Dax Harwood started against Jungle Boy and used his size advantage to take control immediately. He and Cash Wheeler exchanged tags and double-team moves to keep the young man isolated.

    Jungle Boy uses his agility to hit a few drops to do his favor. Once Lucasorus tagged along, FTR was hesitant to join him. Harwood and Wheeler used a distraction to attack him from behind.

    The tag team champions kept the pace steady as they used mat wrestling techniques to keep their opponents on defense. Lucasorus missed Wheeler and at one point stormed into the crowd. This allowed FTR to team up on Jungle Boy and win by cheating.

    Grade: B


    The Young Bucks turning heel has been fun to watch, and the referee attacked before this match and was a quick way to carry that story forward for no reason.

    The fight that followed was the fast-paced tag team action that we expect from AEW. Both these teams showed a lot of chemistry and made some great exchanges.

    There were some points when he would benefit from slowing down, but this is a small thing. Overall, the match was a fun way to show off.

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    Kenny joined the Omega commentary team to watch The Hangman take on the Kazarian. Omega was clearly conflicted about Page in the way he talked about his former partner.

    Page and Kaz set off a furious lockout to begin the action. He made a clean break in the corner to show that the two men wanted a clean competition.

    Kage got into some offense, but the first half of the match belonged to Page. The executioner used everything in his arsenal to keep his opponent at bay. As they fought through the break, the Kazarian began to rebound.

    By the time Page traded big lefts and rights for a fall near a fall slam and a shooting star press. A few minutes later, Kage caught him with a cutter for another two-count. Both guys hit several impressive counters, but they couldn’t seem to hold each other down for the pin.

    After a lengthy pose, Page hit Buckshot Lariat for the win.

    Grade: a


    It was the kind of match that would have been at home on any pay-per-view card. Page and Kaz are two skilled veterans who specialize in what they do, and they did not disappoint.

    It may be a five-minute match with no storylines, but it is one of the best singles matches ever in AEW.

    The physical abilities of both the contestants were impressive. He hit a lot of lightning moves, which you guys would expect to be twice his size, which is hidden power Page and Kaz possess. It was a fantastic work from top to bottom.

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    MJF faced a local contestant and defeated him in less than 10 seconds and deposited him in the Salt of the Earth armbar.

    He catches Mike after throwing Wardlow out of the ring. MJF stated that he is an honest man and during his match at All Out, Moxley cheated.

    He went on to say, people are asked to make him the AEW champion, and he forced Justin Roberts to announce his new title. He did not attend one of AEW’s stables.

    Grade: B +


    The squash match would not normally receive such a high grade, but the way it was done and the promo after the bout made MJF awesome.

    The best thing about MJF’s argument is that he is correct. Moxley used a restrictive move during his match, and no one did anything about it. MJF may be a heel, but it is not a lie in this case.

    It will be very interesting to see if he actually joins a stable, especially since he and Jericho don’t like each other despite being face to face.

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    Earlier in the show, Matt Hardy was found backstage after an attack. He appeared as an injured knee, with Jericho and Hager besieging him nearby.

    Hager started for his team and had a tough time combating the speed and agility of Marqu Quen and Isiah Cassidy. Once Y2J got the tag, he turned the tables and took control.

    The Giants were in control for most of the match, but the young high-players were not going to go down without a fight. After a hot tag, Quen takes Jericho and Hager down with a haul of quick maneuvers.

    After winning with the Judas Effect, Jericho continues to attack Cassidy and locks him in Jericho’s walls. Quenne saved, but the damage was done.

    Grade: C +


    The action was good in this match, but there was some feeling about the pace. At times it seemed that the private party was slowing down when this should not happen.

    This may be due to lack of chemistry. These are not two teams that have competed with each other a million times, so they never got a chance to get to know each other.

    This indicates that it could be a quarrel that continues, which would be great because both of these teams are likely to improve this performance during their next bout.

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    Hikaru Shida was shown as Rosa from the crowd and IWAisse competed for the NWA Women’s Championship, marking the first time the title was defended at AEW.

    He started to install arm drugs and various counters so that they could be equally efficient. Rosa was the first to hit a series of moves to take control and score the first two-count.

    As the match continued, the two women began to signal losses to each other. They never slowed the pace too much, but they did enough to show that they were aching.

    Ivelis failed to win with his finisher, and this required Rosa to hit a mausoleum heap for the win, earning it the title.

    Grade: a


    This match was completely physical. Both women worked as hard as they could to make this match great.

    DiMante allowed Shida to join him, attacking Rosa after the match. It is clear that AEW is working towards a tag team match with the winners of the AEW Women’s Cup taking the AEW and NWA Women’s Championship.

    It is great to see AEW’s relationships with other promotions, but the need to ensure that its own women’s division is a priority that is moving forward.

8 out of 8

    Archer comes out with Jake Roberts to talk about going after Moxley’s AEW title. They soon joined Taz, who promised Arx to give Brian Cage the first shot in the belt if he wins it over the Mocs.

    Moxley came out and was caught by a fan who turned out to be Ricky Starks. He and Cage ambushed the champion in the stand and beat him until Will Hobbs showed a chair to save.

    Mox grabbed a mic and introduced Hobbs as one of his companions. He said Derby Allen would be his second partner in a six-man match against Cage, Archer and Starks next week.

    Grade: B


    Archer’s team with Cage and Starks was anticipated, but the inclusion of the Hawks in his team after a recent powerhouse signing with AEW led to Moxley becoming a pleasant surprise.

    When Starks and Cage attacked Moxley, the segment had some good scuffles and the exchange between Taz and Roberts revealed their uneasy alliances.

    The six-man tag bout should be hard-hitting next week.

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    Santana and Ortiz showed off some skull-like face paint for the parking lot Brawl with Best Friends. The four wrestlers immediately started making noise, as many wrestlers cheered on them.

    Trent placed Ortiz under the hood of a car and slammed the slam on him several times before causing even more damage to both men.

    He installed a piece of plywood across the bed of a truck, but Ortiz found his signature baton and used it to take out both men. He struck a slingshot, sending Trent’s face to the tailgate.

    Neither team had the upper hand for a long time, which explains how it fights. The longer they left, the more violent they became.

    Blood was splattered, carcasses were broken and property was damaged before Orange Cassidy emerged from the trunk of a car and hit Santana with a huge punch with a chain wrapped in his fist.

    Chuck Taylor hit Santana with a piledriver while Trent hooked Ortiz through a piece of plywood to get the pin and the win. Sue arrived with a repair van to give the winners a ride home. He made sure to flip off the proud and powerful before driving away.

    Grade: a-


    Whenever a promotion occurs at a backstage or parking lot, it always includes lots of weapons and unique ways to harm the environment.

    The entire team had some entertaining moments throughout this fight. Ortiz killed Taylor with a sledgehammer, which was shocking to say the least.

    It was a great way to get everyone involved. For two people who gleefully hug each other, Trent and Taylor come away from it like crooks.