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Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Stu Grayson and Evil Uno of the Dark Order eventually reunited for a massive championship opportunity as they challenged Kenny Omega and Hangman Page for the AEW World Tag Team Championship. One thing to note is that Anna Jai’s first appearance was with the esoteric heel faction, in the short form it may be.

Page jumps Uno and Grayson before the bell, forcing Omega to make his entrance and return it. Tension reigned supreme among babyfaces as referee Rick Knox.

The champions quickly outscored the opposition, but Evil Ano dropped the page and controlled the match using joint manipulation, as he targeted the executioner’s big right hand. The heels cut off the ring and separated Page from her partner.

During the break, Omega tagged in the match and ignited a babyface comeback as Brody Lee kept an eye on Colt Cabana at the commentary. A hard right hand by Page put Uno in the arms of the waiting Omega, who dropped him with a German Suplex.

At one point, Omega sent Grayson into the corner, but instead, he advanced to the ring post and Page. Unleashed Omega’s disbelief and nearly won. A corner cannonball by Uno and 450 splash by Grayson almost won the title.

Omega responded to Uno and Page with a snapdragon and skewed Grayson with a larva. The combination of the buckshot lariat / V-trigger won the champion.

After the match, Lee orders Cabana and Ana Jay to verbally bored and back up before attacking Uno and Grayson.

Lee said The Dark Order has strength in numbers and Page angered him one last time. The Dark Order Minions surrounded the ring, but The Young Bucks and FTR joined in a feud with the Taggons with the Avrillers. Babyface cleans the ring, sarcastically thanking Lee for “showing” Omega.


Page and Omega defeated The Dark Order




This, of course, is best seen in Grayson and Uno AEW.

They were crisp, shining bright against the champion and silenced a lot of skeptics about their actual in-ring abilities.

Page and Omega win was the right call, especially if it pushed Lee into desperation mode. The Dark Order was still not supreme on Wednesday night, however, a problem for a group that we believe is an extremely dangerous entity in AEW.

Once they achieve that decisive victory, they will have the strength to keep pace with them. After all, he has a really solid core with Uno, Grayson, Jay and Lee. Throw in aide Colt Cabana and put together Tony Khan and AEW management.

Remove the training wheels and allow them to win a match and their reliability will be increased rapidly.

The subtle and not-so-subtle nuances of renewed tension between Page and Omega were well done and fans again feel that a breakup is on the horizon.


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