Advanced Box Score: Cubs 6, Indians 5 – 15 September, 2020

LOL… Well. It’s a boring way to run from a game: walk, single, HBP, HBP. But a Cubs win is a Cubs win! I’ll take it!

Now let’s zoom out and talk about everything else.

Tonight when Yu Darvish started the game, he certainly looked dominant, scoring two groundouts and one strike out against the top of the Indians ‘order and extending the Cubs pitchers’ streak to 10.0 innings.

He pitched through the second innings, as well as striking beautiful pitches for strikes:

Unfortunately, he remained in very difficult contact after that, earning 3 of 6 hits over the next 3.0 innings. And this includes a run-through throw out from Jason Heyward:

At the time, the Cleveland Indians had a 3–1 lead over the Chicago Cubs and it was the end of the game…


The Indians took a 3–1 lead on a series of hits from Ian Happ (double), Chris Bryant (single, RBI), and Anthony Rizzo (double, RBI), which tied the game after five. That the Cleveland team just can’t take a 3-1 lead, eh? Like the World Series. In 2016. When they won the series 3–1. Yes i know Are you all getting it?

Jokes aside, although Darvesh gave up a ton of tough contact (I’m gonna look into that tomorrow), as well as 9 hits and a walk, he was able to play 7.0 strong innings for the fifth time this season, which is entirely Placed the Cubs in the game. It may have hurt his Cy Young Chance a little (his ERA is now exactly 2.00), but he did his job (it was his ninth straight quality debut if you’re scoring at home).

Offensively, it was a really good night at the top of the order: Ian Happ played his first multi-hit game since 5 September, Chris Bryant was on a three-time (game-winning run scoring) basis, with Anthony Rizzo four. The bar arrived, and Wilson Contreras reached it three times, with a big go-ahead RBI pouch fly in the bottom of the 7th and one of those HBPs in the 9th.

Now, technically the Walk of Cameron Maybin tends to stand in the right place at the right time, but the game ball is absolutely essential to go to the JV badge, which is based not only on an HBP and Homade (an ultimate in center ground On BLAST)), he also did:

It was a big insurance run, putting pressure on Jeremy Jeffress, who saved tonight (and also on him tomorrow), and we get to know everything about the JV badge.

The Cubs won. The Cubs won. good night.

Full Box Score.