Advanced Box Score: Cubs 5, Royals 4 – August 4, 2020

Cubs have won 5th in a row! It’s not that you avoid all nerves …

Kyle Hendrix didn’t have his best stuff tonight, but he worked in the zone and let the Royals do their offensive work, and gave the Cubs their fifth straight quality start. He delivered seven hits through seven innings and struck out only three, but did not make any moves, and did minimal overall damage. He was perfect in the 6th and 7th, leaving us feeling very cold ahead of the bullpen. He knew the play would come later.

Jeremy Jeffress came out for 8th, which is fine in isolation, as he started a complete inning. But knowing that Rowan Vick was probably down after the previous night, it means … Craig Kimbrel had finished 9th in a true save position.

Sadly, it was the same story. Again. The Kyrball did not net a single swing, and the fastball was very often mid-center. A pair erased the balls (single, strikeout (a good high-altitude fastball), double) and were drawn to Kyle Ryan. Something is very wrong with Kimbrel.

A couple later allowed by inherited runners, the Royals raced against Ryan to finish third, whose velocity is still down (we’ll get to that tomorrow) – but Chris Bryant saw him play third Made out of a fantastic game for. sport.

For most of the crime, such as this one participated. But, also: You will contract Wilson for the insurance holder in 8TH!

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