Advance of WrestleMania 35: The Miz vs. Shane McMahon

The Miz vs Shane McMahon

Falls count anywhere

WWE is infuriated by not being able to tell a coherent story in the long term. That's right. Have you seen how they built their main event of Wrestlemania? They took a tedious story and made it so complicated that most of the emotion was left out. They had six months to tell and they had to keep playing with that.

That is the main evidence of why some think that the WWE is better at telling a story on the fly. They do not have much time to think about it. They had to reserve the history of the Kofi championship as an audible reaction from the public. While the argument that Vince was too involved in the story is legitimate, with limited time, they did not have much time to ruin it. And they did a very good job in general.

But there is a coincidence on this card that is proof that WWE can really tell a story for an extended period of time and not throw it away. That's the game of Shane McMahon vs. The Miz.

It started in November in Jewel of the crown in what seemed to be a best disposable tournament in the world. It was a tournament in which members of both brands participated, where the winner won a random trophy. Representing Slap, Miz reached the final when he pinched his knee and could not continue the game. Shane McMahon inserted himself randomly to take his place (why can he do it?) And he won it.

It was a random moment in a random program that was better to forget soon. But it really blossomed throughout history.

Miz began calling himself "two-thirds" Best in the World and insisted that he and Shane finally come together, since together they won that tournament. The A-Lister was still technically a heel at that time, but his pleas to Shane were charming and both men had good comical chemistry.

Miz had to get a little serious to convince Shane to team up with him. He felt that Shane was a kindred spirit, two men who lived their lives trying to win the favor of their closed parents. Shane agreed with the label team and Team Daddy theme, McMiz, The best team in the world was born.

His comic chemistry continued as a team, which gave us this very entertaining segment that involves Miz trying to create teams with Shane, who really did not care.

Shane and Miz defeated the bar to win the tag team's championships. They were a fun team and it was a nice moment to see Miz win the titles. Unfortunately, his reign was not long. They lost titles to Usos, which upset most Miz, feeling that they disappointed their partner and, in a certain sense, disappointed their father.

The Usos incited them to a rematch, which would take place in Cleveland, Miz's hometown. In addition, his father would be in the crowd watching. Once again, the Usos proved to be too much for the best of the world.

That was all for the team. Shane McMahon had enough of everything and attacked Miz in front of his father George. He even laid his hands on Mr. Miz.

This set the game in Wrestlemania, which will be No Holds Barred. Miz's first promotion after the betrayal was full of shots without losing that Miz attitude.

This has been a well-told story that has taken place most of the six months. It had multiple stops so it never felt like dragged. They played the right rhythms to successfully take Miz off a heel that was only fighting the then fan favorite, Daniel Bryan, in a cute little face.

The match itself is not going to be any five-star clbadic. We're talking about a 49-year-old Shane McMahon and Miz, who is definitely solid in the ring but more about the character. However, the story they told should help carry the weight. Miz is nice and Shane is a bastard. We want to see Shane be kicked in the bad.

Maybe it's because this was not one of the main stories like the triple threat of women that allowed her to do her job without being over-reserved. Whatever the reason, it is proof that they CAN tell a good story for a long period of time. Which actually makes it more disappointing when they often ruin it.

The Miz and Shane McMahon will meet in a match of Falls Count Anywhere, which will be the culmination of their six-month history, at WrestleMania 35 tonight, which will air at 7 ET on the WWE Network. And as usual, keep it to for all your WrestleMania coverage.


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