Adolf Hitler BOMBSHELL: Nazi leader nearly NEVER came to power, shock docs show


Shock documents have been unearthed showing Hitler applied to another party before joining the Nazis, but was rejected.

The monstrous Nazi chief had requested membership of the larger far-right German Socialists in 1919, and asked to write for the party’s paper.

But both offers were snubbed and he was forced to look elsewhere. The rest, as they say, is history.

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REJECTED: History could have been very different if Hitler’s application had been accepted

Inside Hitler’s Bunker


The inside of the bunker where Hitler spent his final days has been revealed for the first time.

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Yet had he been accepted, a historian says Hitler would have been content with a minor role in the party and would never have come to power.

Professor Thomas Weber, from the University of Aberdeen, also discovered why Hitler was rejected in the documents he unearthed for a new book.

He said that the future dictator of Germany, at the time, never showed any leadership qualities and was happy to take orders rather than hand them out.

“Until a year earlier, (he) had not shown any leadership qualities and had been happy to follow orders, rather than to give orders,” Professor Weber told The Guardian.


RISE TO POWER: The rejection led Hitler to being the leader of the Nazis

CHILLING unseen Hitler photographs show Nazi rise to power


The collection of propaganda photographs show Adolf Hitler on a charm offensive in the 1920s and 30s – before the evil dictator started the Second World War and eliminated at least five million Jews in the Holocaust

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He said “the Nazi party would have been absorbed by the German Socialist party and thus would have disappeared and history would have taken a different path”.

He added: “With Hitler’s rejection by the party, Hitler’s behavior at the time – which no one could really previously explain persuasively – finally makes sense.”

The document states: “In the autumn of 1919, around September, Hitler appeared in the office of the publishing house to see Grbadinger and offered [to] write for the paper, and to join and work for the German Socialist Party.

“He didn’t have any money at the time and he also asked to borrow money from Grbadinger. But they [told] him that they had no use for him in the paper and that they also did not want to have him in the party.”

The FAKED Nazi photos that make Hitler look kind


These sickening images, staged and in several cases faked by Nazi party propagandists, were released to the general public to portray the genocidal dictator as kind

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Hitler feeds two small deerExclusivepixiMedia/Hitler’s Alpi

Hitler feeds two small deer

After being rejected, Hitler joined the Nazis, and would go on to become their leader in 1921 and see the German Socialists dissolve the same year.

The Third Reich boss would order the start of World War Two that led to the horrific deaths of six million Jews.

Weber’s discovery will feature in his new book, Becoming Hitler: The Making of a Nazi, which will be published by Oxford University Press next month.

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