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Adolescent with anorexia & # 39; failed by each body of the NHS & # 39; before death

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Averil Hart, of Cambridge, died of a heart attack caused by anorexia in 2012.

A teenager who died weeks after leaving college was rejected by "every NHS organization that should have taken care of her," according to a review.

Averil Hart, of Colchester, died of a heart attack caused by anorexia in Norwich in 2012.

The Parliamentary and Health Services Ombudsman (PHSO) has found that his death could and should have been prevented.

The NHS services involved say that changes have been made, and one said that it accepted the findings of the report. [19659007] Miss Hart, the youngest of three sisters, became ill after her A-levels at Colchester Royal Grammar School and spent 10 months as a hospital patient at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge.

She was then released to study creative writing at the University of East Anglia.

Miss Hart was found collapsed at the university in December 2012 and taken to the hospital in Norfolk and Norwich by ambulance, but she did not see any specialist in eating disorders for three days after admission, at which time her condition It deteriorated even more.

He was then transferred to the Addenbrooke Hospital on December 11.

Overnight her blood sugar level dropped to very low levels, but she did not receive the proper treatment for this and was unconscious, suffering brain damage. He died three days later.

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The Ombudsman said that the death of Averil could have been prevented

The Ombudsman discovered that Ms. Hart did not receive "appropriate care and treatment".

"In addition, the local investigation into his death was totally inadequate and the organizations involved were defensive and protective of themselves, rather than taking responsibility," said the ombudsman's report.

Miss Hart's father, Nicholas Hart, who lives in Newton, near Sudbury, said: "As a father, I guess it's a great relief to finally know that the words you knew were true all the time and that Averil's death was avoidable 19659007] "It is good to know that the report itself will allow other children and families not to go through what we have gone through.

"It was an unnecessary death, it did not have to happen, it took only 10 weeks for her to go from healthy and healthy to near death."

"Literally starved."

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Averil Hart went to the University of East Anglia to study creative writing

Ombudsman Rob Behrens said: "The tragic death of Averil would have been avoided if the NHS had taken proper care of it.

" Unfortunately, these failures and your family's subsequent struggle for answers are not unique. "[19659007]" The families who submitted their complaints have helped us discover serious problems that require urgent national attention. I hope our recommendations mean that no other family will go through the same test. "

Dr. Bill Kirkup, who led the investigation, said:" I hope this report serves as a wake-up call to the NHS and the health leaders to make urgent improvements to eating disorders services, so that we can avoid similar tragedies in the future. "

A The response of charity

Andrew Radford, executive director of BEAT, said:" The PHSO report is very clear: if the eating disorder had been recognized before and effective and timely care had been established, the death of Averil Hart would have been prevented.

"We are waiting for a response from the Government and NHS England, who must learn and take action after this tragedy, we can not continue to fail people with eating disorders.

" We must see a good treatment , intensive and based on home and community for people of all ages and in all places in the United Kingdom. This requires that the NHS be reorganized, but it will offer better outcomes for patients and considerable cost savings for the NHS.

"It is also clear that there were multiple failures in the health service in the period prior to this tragedy, and the behavior of each party responsible for the NHS in evading and obfuscating justice is appalling, and accumulated even more anguish in a family already in distress – this requires further investigation and action to ensure that it does not happen again. "

" This tragedy demonstrates, once again, the devastation that eating disorders can cause. "

A Norwich and Norwich hospital spokeswoman said: "We met The Family of Averil in 2014 to offer our sincere condolences for their sad and devastating loss.

" Since then we have taken into account the learning of this tragic event and our structure and processes have been reviewed. "

A spokesman for the University Hospital of Cambridge said:" The trust wishes to repeat the previously made apologies to Averil Hart's family accepts the findings and recommendations of the Ombudsman's report.

"When Averil was transferred to Addenbrooke in December 2012, she was already very ill, but her death, at that time, could have been prevented due to failures in her care not carried out.

" She has taken After a thorough investigation, lessons were learned from what happened with Averil and several changes were made. "

The community eating disorder unit in Norfolk, responsible for providing community care to Miss Hart, has been contacted for an answer but has not yet responded.

The University of East Anglia declined to comment on the report stating that it had "been informed that legal actions are pending subject to the outcome of an investigation".

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