Adobe showcases new ‘stealth’ projects with collaborative AR, AI video enhancements

Adobe is holding an Adobe Max 2020 conference this week, where the company introduced several new features and updates to its software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere and After Effects. In addition to these updates, Adobe has also showcased new “sneak” projects, which are sneak peaks of new features that may be available in Adobe’s software in the future.

There are some stealth projects this year that are extremely promising – especially for smartphone users. The first is Sharp Shots, a tool that automatically enhances video using machine learning to reduce blur and inadvertent shaking.

Although smartphone cameras have been greatly improved in recent years, shooting great videos using phones can still be a challenge in some situations. With Sharp Shots, users can not only make video more stable by using AI, but also capture and enhance to convert a frame into a photo.

In the demonstration below, you can see how the software can dramatically enhance the video captured with the smartphone’s camera:

Schenastic is another promising sneak project as it lets designers use the iPhone camera to generate 3D models of any object. Created 3D models can be inserted into any project using Adobe software. While Adobe has demonstrated this project with the iPhone X, it’s easy to imagine how it would be better with the LiDAR scanner on the iPhone 12 Pro.

Scantastic saves the day with an intuitive solution that leverages your smartphone and a photogrammetry pipeline to capture 3D models from the environment with minimal user intervention.

And for those who really appreciate AR applications, Adobe engineers have built perfectly. As the name suggests, this app makes it easy to interact with other users in the same environment using augmented reality. Each user can experience the same AR objects on their smartphone.

Many other great sneak projects were showcased this year, and you can find them on Adobe’s official website. Tell us your thoughts on these new technologies in the comments section below.

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