Open in open, Scindia warns Nath government of helm India News

BHOPAL: AICC General Secretary Jyotiraditya Scindia surprised his party by promising to take to the streets if promises made to guest lecturers at the Vachan Patra congress are not kept. CM Kamal Nath, who is in Delhi, shot back that the manifesto is “for five years, not for five months”.
Scindia – who was often openly critical of the Nath government – expressed solidarity with contract teachers, who act against the state government that demanded regularization.
Scindia delivered a speech in Niwadi district on Thursday and said: “Your question was included in the congress of the congress. If not all promises in the manifest are delivered, don’t think you are alone. Jyotiraditya Scindia will also be with you go out into the street. “He asked the protesters to be patient and added:” It has been a year for the government. Teachers need to be patient. Our turn will come, and if not, then I assure you that I am your shield and sword. ”
When Mediaperson’s CM Nath in Delhi was asked about Scindia’s comment, he said, “The manifesto is five years, not five months.”
Nath met AICC chief Sonia Gandhi in the evening. Agencies quoted him as saying: “I have met with the party chairman and discussed how much the government in the state has been able to fulfill the Vachan Patra (manifest).” CM Nath spokesperson at the Pradesh congress, Narendra Saluja said he spoke to the party president about organizational issues.
Cooperatives and GAD minister Govind Singh urged Scindia to “not set off”. “Scindia is a state leader and he doesn’t have to do that. I suggest that Scindia should discuss the matter with the CM in view of the financial situation of the state,” he told media pressons in Bhopal, adding that guest teachers were “not appointed to be made regularly”.


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