Anti-CAA protest: don’t know where the birthplace of parents is, goes to detention camp: Ashok Gehlot

Anti-CAA protest: Ashok Gehlot of Rajasthan during a protest against the CAA, NRC and NPR


Ashast Gehlot, president of Rajasthan, demanded Friday that the center revoke the amended citizenship law to maintain peace and harmony in the country. He made a surprising appearance during a protest against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act of CAA in Jaipur, on a site billed as Rajasthan’s “Shaheen Bagh”, after the place in South Delhi where people buried in for two months in protest against the CAA.

“The NDA government must review the citizenship law (amendment), which goes against the spirit of the constitution, and must come forward to revoke it so that peace and harmony can be maintained,” Gehlot said in a protest against the CAA and the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Jaipur.

Gehlot said the congress and state government were with them and would go first to a detention center if necessary. The chief minister said information about birth place of parents was searched for the National Population Register (NPR).

“If I am unable to provide the details, I would also be asked to live in a detention center. I am not aware of my parents’ place of birth. You will remain assured if such a situation occurs “I’ll be the first to go there,” said Mr. Gehlot, after which the crowd applauded.


People are protesting against the CAA, NPR and NRC in Jaipur

The chief minister said the BJP government in Assam refused to introduce the NRC.

“It is the right of a government to make a law, but a government must rule according to people’s feelings. Like Shaheen Bagh in Delhi, protests are taking place in many places in the country, including Rajasthan. The government must understand public feelings, “he said.

Mr Gehlot said that several senior ministers were against the CAA. “We want the center to reconsider its decision,” he added.

Interior Minister Amit Shah said there is currently no discussion about a national NRC. He made the remark in December after Prime Minister Narendra Modi seemed to contradict him about the controversial issue at the heart of protests across the country.

“There is no need to debate this (pan-India NRC), because there is currently no discussion, PM Modi was right, there is no discussion yet in the cabinet or parliament,” Mr. Shah had said.

The Minister of the Interior’s explanation came after days of protests across the country against the CAA and the NRC. The NRC, intended to tackle illegal migrants, was conducted in Assam earlier this year and left 19 lakh people behind. Many of them are now in detention centers. The opposition claims that NRC together with the new nationality legislation can be used to attack Muslims.

For a meeting in Delhi, Prime Minister Modi had said during a meeting that there was no national rollout of the NRC. “I want to tell the 130 crore citizens of India that since my government came to power, there has been no discussion about NRC since 2014. Only after the order of the Supreme Court was this exercise done for Assam,” the prime minister said.

Prime Minister Modi’s remark was immediately compared to the many claims made by Mr Shah in Parliament and beyond that NRC applied to the “entire country”. Even on November 20 last year, Mr. Shah had said in parliament: “NRC will happen across the country and at that time this will also be implemented in Assam. And I want to make it clear once again that people of any religion do not have to to be afraid. “

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