After “happy rider” goes viral, Zomato India makes him their profile photo on social media

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Updated: February 28, 2020 10:21:28 AM

zomato happy rider, zomato smile guy, zomato delivery guy smile, zomato rider memes, zomato india, zomato india funny social posts, indian express, viral news Earlier this week, videos from the food delivery app driver went viral on social media because people were happy about his broad smile.

After “Zomato happy rider” and “viral smile guy” became viral, the man featured in the video became the profile photo of Twitter and Instagram handles from food aggregator Zomato India. In recognition of his new fame, all display photos of the brand on social media were changed to those of the man.

The delivery person from Delhi, who was identified just like Sonu, was recently captured in a video by vlogger Delhi DC Rider. The video was then posted on TikTok, where he spoke about how much he earns and his working hours. But what really caught everyone’s attention was his smile, even the vlogger asking him the secret behind it.

The video was viewed more than 4.7 million times on the TikTok and then distributed on other social media platforms.

The vlogger subsequently tracked down Sonu and “Zomato driver” has become a trending hashtag on social media.

On Friday, the display photo of the company’s Instagram and Twitter handles was changed and the company said it is “now a satisfied rider-fan account”.

On Instagram, the company listed several reasons for smiling and recorded the displayed photo as one.

His face is now an inspiration for memes in India and is now featured in many scenes from films and popular photos.

Many on social media also sought a pay raise for him.

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