Adele Song her songs during a graduation sketch on SNL

Oh, I will sing the money I pay to see, throughout the season Bachelor.

Last night, Adele hosted Shanivari Night Live for the very first time.

Even though she was not a musical guest, many fans expected Adele to listen to the song in some way or another during the show. Lucky for us, Adele appeared in a “Bachelor” sketch, where she sang snippets of not one, not two, but her biggest hits.

Adele played herself in the sketch, in which she was the contestant for the latest season Bachelor:

Adele had a tendency to break into songs when things didn’t quite get in her way, like when she started singing “Koi Tum Ho Ho” because she didn’t get the first rose.


Sincerely, a valid response.

Our girl made a hunk-hog progress in an episode of an episode, it seems.

During a conversation with Ben, she broke into the song again, this time singing a part of “When We’re Where Young”.


Oh, to be cenabed by Adele.

When another girl started talking to Ben, she changed everything around her sepia and sang her hit song “Hello” in perfect dramatic style.

We also got an extra special remix of it, when he spied their conversation from inside a bush.


While she is leaving it on Spotify, though

And finally, she went full “rolling in the deep” when another girl asked to talk to Ben.


This is giving me big ~ adele: music ~ vibes and now I need to exist.

Unfortunately Adele didn’t make it before the first night Single Haveli, but he made our lives infinitely better by walking into the audience and singing “Koi Tum Se Ho Ho”.

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