Adele and SNL under fire for Africa sex tourism sketch

The skit, intended to make fun of sex tourism, encourages the trio to come to Africa, boasting repeatedly about their “tribesmen” and “massive bamboo”, as Black male extras backdrop women. Let’s take you to a beach.

“Africa was scathing tone, insensitive and inappropriate,” Shineka Golding, a journalist with the R&B news website Vibe, wrote on Twitter. “Men and women in Nigeria, Namibia, South Africa and the Democratic Republic of the Congo are fighting for their lives and the sexual destination for white women to reduce the continent is shameful.”

MTV host Dometi Pongo said: “If you’re going to try to touch it, it would be a bit more sensible and more subtle or don’t touch it at all. Not now (right now).”

Adele, who hosted the fourth episode of the show’s current season, broke the character several times during the scene on Saturday and burst into laughter.

Mock Tourism describes commercial Africa as “the number one destination for divorces of a certain age”, and features the character of McKinnon repeatedly claiming “tall, tall tribesmen” on the continent.

The three describe how they were taken by the tribes after their divorce, using the word suggestive to encourage other women to move to Africa.

Here Adele was wearing Bantu knots, Jamaican flag bikini tops and other carnival wear

During his concert in the same episode, singer HER’s band in solidarity with protesters protesting against police brutality in Nigeria and the country’s infamous Special Anti-Robber Squad Police Unit, chanting TENDSARS #ENDSARS Wore

CNN has contacted representatives from NBC Universal and Adele for comment.

Adele, who was working on her fourth studio album, is said to have faced controversies in August, after which she took to Instagram to wear Bantu Knots, a Jamaican-flag bikini top and other carnival-afro- Posted a picture of being popular in Caribbean cultures.

The singer was celebrating what would be the second largest Carnival in the world, the Notting Hill Carnival, which usually takes place on the streets of West London every summer but was canceled this year due to an epidemic of coronavirus virus.


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