Additional Kovid-19 shots pose quandary for vaccination sites

David McMillan took a dose of the late Modern Inc. Kovid vaccine on New Year’s Day. While grocery food shopping in Giant, Washington, D.C., a 31-year-old paralegal was passed by an in-store pharmacist, who was scrambling to scramble to take two doses after a pair of health care workers made their appointments. I missed It was decided to close the shop in 10 minutes and the exhausting dose would have to be thrown out.

The shop’s two colleagues and another customer had already declined the shots. Mr. Macmillan and his 25-year-old friend volunteered happily. “I was thrilled,” said Mr. McMillan, whose experience on the post on TickTalk went viral. “It is being said that you have won the lottery.”

As scarce supplies slowly roll out to the public, there is sometimes additional vaccine. The vials have a bonus dose or two if the vaccine kit has more efficient syringes. Some people miss appointments and their shots are dropped so that the vaccine does not go waste. Some vaccination sites are willing to give shots to new groups of people or want to move the vaccine across county or state lines where people are waiting for it, only to be held by local authorities. Sometimes a freezer induces a race to take a shot in the arms.

This is an additional layer of complexity for vaccination sites as they struggle with the logistics of the largest vaccination campaign in history. The vaccine minus Pfizer Inc. is stored below 76 degrees Fahrenheit and the modern vaccine is stored below 5 degrees Fahrenheit. Once melted neither can be kept in the freezer.

The US Department of Health and Human Services said on Tuesday that more than 65 people and anyone already present should be eligible for the shot, releasing millions of doses that it held back for health care workers for a second dose is. Extended eligibility will help vaccination sites find willing takers. While some locations may not be able to administer shots as soon as possible due to staffing issues amid winter growth in Kovid-19 cases. And some may still have to face the problem of garbage at the end of each day.


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