Adam Sandler sings an ode to friend Chris Farley from his old SNL playground

Chris Farley, Adam Sandler
Chris Farley, Adam Sandler
Screenshot: Saturday Night Live

With Adam Sandler returning to the host Saturday night live For the first time since he left the program (or was fired, while singing with Chris Rock in his monologue) almost a quarter of a century ago, certain things were given. Naturally, we got Opera Man, and the cast made their best impressions of Sandler in an outline of Sandler's family reunion. In addition, he noted that the good boy Sandler was confusingly effusive and kind in praising his current work. SNL Successors and former boss Lorne Michaels in the monologue and good night. (After all, it was NBC and not Lorne who really fired Sandler in 1995). But it was the last part of the night that was the biggest hit, since Sandler pulled out his guitar for a repeat of the tribute song he wrote. his late friend Chris Farley.

Debunked in Sandler's recent special on Netflix, the song is Sandler at its sweetest and most sincere point, even when he sings in a poignant and indifferent voice about the infamous and excessively forgiving Farley who shoves an empty bottle of Jack Daniels in his bad . (Earlier, as Sandler sang, he always gets up early enough so that the "Catholic child" Farley arrives at Sunday Mbad). For old professional Sandler to come back and be the host SNL It was a mixed bag, of course. But, as he noted with feeling as he addressed his wife and children in the audience during good night, Sandler had never had more fun or was happier when he was in SNL, and nobody made him happier there than Farley, who died young. In his song, Sandler recounted how he and the others (Sandler, Rock, David Spade and Farley shared a famous office) warned their friends that their various addictions would probably send him, such as Farley's heroes John Belushi and John Candy, to A too soon grave. Sandler's lyrics about what Farley thought was "simply elegant" found Sandler giving the anecdote a tone of regrettable sadness that only matched the enthusiasm with which SNL The audience made enough noise, at the behest of Sandler, for the absent Farley to hear them from his old home in Studio 8H.

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