Adam Gase unhappy with Greg Williams’ comments

Adam Gassay did not look too pleased with defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, when the two had talked to the Jets before, kicking off against the Dolphins on Sunday.

Earlier this week, Williams commented that New York’s defensive struggles have to do with the inability to move the ball. Asked what went wrong for the Jets’ defense, which has allowed more than 30 points so far this season, Williams told reporters to find out, referencing a poor starting field position Defense has suffered the most war of 2020.

Gess and Williams were discussing the issue before the game over what CBS called a “heated” conversation. Gacy mostly chatted while Williams listened and nodded together. Gassay also told CBS on Saturday night that the Jets were not happy with Williams’ comments.

“That’s not what we need,” Gassay said, per CBS. “No one is pointing fingers. We need to pull in the same direction. Everybody needs to shut up and play. ”

The Jets trailed the Dolphins 7–0 in the first quarter. New York has already allowed Miami to register 64 yards of offense.