Acura has a pair of new TLXs in Peak Peak next month

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98th part of Pikes Peak The international hillclimb has been going down for a month since Thursday, and Acura pulled the cover of its rivals for the event. The automaker has fielding for the last few years instead of the MDX and RDX racers, it will attack the hill with a pair of new TLX Type-A sedans.

Of course, the team running in the time attack class will return for a third year with the goal of breaking the NSX record. And based on the entry list, it looks like the big dirty real time racing TLX GT car that was sent to third place last year by Peter Cunningham, who is making a comeback in the hands of racer Brett Curtis.

Acura’s Pikes Peak Racing program is extremely interesting, as the company’s R&D division builds and prepares race cars, and then races them. That’s right, Acura doesn’t have hot-boots to push its cars up the hill. The engineers who work on these things every day are the same friends who run them. Acura engineers currently hold Hill’s front-wheel-drive and hybrid records, and semi-retired pro-racer Cunningham owns the Time Attack class record.

Both of the recorded TLX race cars will be racing in the exhibition class with two different tunes and downforce, but this is the one where there is a similar ending.

Looking for more stock is a performance tune on both factory drivetrain components. A set of performance brake pads in the stock brake system helps prevent this. Some suspension tweaks help corner it. The set of 18 “HRE wheels and Pirelli Race rubber has a rolling stock cover. That’s about it. It’s a stock TLX and big, and it will be interesting to see where it will be in the field next month.

Ready for more races The TLX of two is definitely going to be faster on Pikes Peak. Not just because it sits a little low and has a big wing, but they will definitely help. It gets a larger turbocharger and intercooler for a power boost. It will also get a Brembo braking package surrounded by the upcoming TLX Type-S and high-performance brake pads. Acura doesn’t say exactly what’s different about the car’s suspension, but I think it’s race-tuned coilovers, and unique SH-AWD system tuning for the race. Garnish with a set of green wheels and Pirelli racing slacks, serve hot.

Both will be powered by sharp engineer Jordan Guitar, who has previously run on the mountain twice in RDX and MDX. More stock of the two TLXs will be recorded by Justin Lumbard, a rookie contestant in Peak Peak But has been an engineer on the team for a few years.

James Robinson will field his highly modified NSX again in the Time Attack class. After a poor performance in 2019, Robinson would be on the lookout for redemption until 2020, which saw him sit on the starting line for several minutes as the car fell ahead of him and began to run twice. As they sat on the starting line, their tires had lost their pre-installed heat, and the heat of the engine compartment was soaked, losing precious horsepower in an already shaky course.

Robinson’s competition in the time attack class looks great. The addition of David Donhue and a trio of David Donner in a pair of GS2RS Clubsports, and Jeff Jewart in 935 — nothing really knocks on his 10-minute door like his NSX.

It will be interesting to see how these new TLX sedans do on the hill. I know that I would like to let the two go faster. That thing looks like a true saw.

The illustration for the article titled Acura is a pair of new TLXs in Peak Peak next month

Photo: Acura

And as a special surprise, Acura will paces the field with a prototype of the new 3-liter turbo V6 TLX Type-S.


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