Actor Kangana Ranaut demolishes office after Dawood Fadnavis’s Dawood Jib

Devendra Fadnavis said that Maharashtra should get rights to its priests.

Mumbai / New Delhi:

Earlier this week, BJP leader Devendra Fadnavis targeted the Uddhav Thackeray government amid partial demolition from the Mumbai office of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation, actor Kangana Ranaut’s Mumbai office. Referring to the underworld don, the former Maharashtra chief minister said, “You want to demolish the actor’s house, not to demolish Dawood’s house.”

“Maharashtra government feels that the state is not fighting coronovirus … but rather actor Kangana (Ranaut). Today, Maharashtra has the highest number of coronovirus cases. Every day, an increase of between 23,000-25,000 cases is being recorded. . Forty percent of Kovid. The 50-year-old BJP leader told reporters, “Deaths in the country are being recorded from Maharashtra.” With 9.9 lakh cases, Maharashtra is the state most affected by the outbreak.

“But the Maharashtra government does not want to fight it … They are fighting Kangana. I want to tell them … they are wasting as much energy as they can on fighting the actor, even if they spend half of it to control the outbreak Spend, “the state can save many lives. They should get their priorities right.

Responding to a question on allegations of trying to incite emotions in Bihar over the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, Mr. Fadnavis said: “BJP never raised the issue of Kangana Ranaut. Why is Maharashtra making controversial statements in the case is.” He should not come to Mumbai. Kangana is not a national political leader, yet the issue was highlighted. You do not go to demolish Dawood’s house, but want to demolish the actor’s house. Who pressed the issue? How is Join BJP? ”

NCP chief Sharad Pawar said today that the state government “has no role in the demolition”. “The decision was taken by the BMC. The state government had no role in it. The civic body followed its rules and regulations,” Pawar was quoted as saying by the news agency ANI. Earlier, speaking to reporters, Mr Pawar had said that the move by BMC has given the actor “unnecessary publicity”.

On Thursday, the Bombay High Court halted the demolition of Ms. Ranaut’s Pali office; The court will reintroduce the case on 22 September.

The 33-year-old actor claimed that the demolition on Wednesday by the Shiv Sena-controlled Brihanmumbai Corporation was just retaliation.

In its ruling on Wednesday, the High Court said that the way the BMC acted to begin demolition work “does not seem to be a smack of prima facified Alamad and malafide”.

Ms Ranaut’s statement that she was “afraid of living in Mumbai” escalated into a fight between Ms Ranaut and the Shiv Sena. He compared the country’s financial capital to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

The Shiv Sena, along with Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh, had said, suggesting that the actor – who was in his hometown Manali – did not return to Mumbai.

After returning to Mumbai, Ms. Ranaut thanked Union Home Minister Amit Shah after receiving Y-Plus category security. “This proves that the voice of the patriots cannot be crushed by the fascists. I am grateful to Amit Shah, if he wanted, he could have advised me to go to Mumbai after a few days, but he respected a daughter of India. Done, protected her pride and self. -Respect. Jai Hind, “she tweeted in Hindi.