Actor John Cusack shared a hilarious story about Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant from their last game

If you’re looking for funny or memorable basketball stories, actor John Cusack won’t be your first choice for a source, but during a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, he gave in a major way. Chicago-born Cusack is a big basketball fan and developed a friendship with Michael Jordan over the years.

So when Jordan returned to the league with the Washington Wizards in 2001, Cusack tried to make it to more and more games. One of them was the Wizards’ trip to the Staples Center in 2003 to play the Lakers, which everyone knew would be the final matchup between Jordan and Kobe Bryant. Sitting on the courtside, Cusack had a front-row view of history and was right there for the hilarious conversation between the two legends.

At one point in the game, Kobe put his head down to drive, and Jordan stepped in to pull the move. As MJ was laying on the ground, Kobe stood over him to complain to the referee. Then, all of a sudden, everyone started cracking. Here is Cusack explaining what happened on the play’s video:

Full story of cassock:

At some point in the game, everyone knew that Michael and Kobe were going to be one-on-one. So Kobe gets the ball, kicks everyone out, and everyone starts guessing that it was going to be Kobe with Michael. And as Kobe starts to drive, Michael steps in front of him – right in front of me – and he takes over.

And he went downstairs, and Kobe stood over him, and Michael looked up and said, “Well f —— everyone in the building knew you weren’t near.” And then there is a pause, and it was like an old pro, the old vet received it. And Kobe just started laughing, and they both started laughing, but he said right there. So you really feel the passage of the torch, you know, from a great other. You thought it was a moment in sports, it was really amazing to be there.

This is an incredible story, and really nothing less than what you expected from Jordan. No one spoke faster than we all saw during The Last Dance earlier this year. No matter the situation, she was always ready a line, and it is right at the top of a list.

This, in some ways, makes Bryant’s demise even more tragic. Such a memory may be missing them both for years and decades to come, and they will never get that chance now.

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