Active shooter reported at Red Bluff Walmart distribution center

An active shooter was reported at the Walmart distribution center south of Red Bluff, dispatchers said. There was also a fire at the scene, and the suspect appears to have rammed a vehicle into the building, dispatchers said.

Law enforcement officials at the scene have yet to confirm any details of the incident.

An active shooter was reported shortly after 3:30 p.m.

Scott Thammakhanty, an employee at the reception center of the truck-unloading facility, said he heard the shooter fire what he considered a semi-automatic weapon.

“It went on and on, I don’t even know how many times he fired,” said Thammakhanty. “I just know it was a lot.”

Thammakhanty and others started running for their lives, and he saw people lying on the ground as he advanced, he said.

The shooter was familiar to Thammakhanty, but did not know his identity.

Dispatchers reported that at least one person had been shot, although the extent of the injuries was not immediately clear. A man also reported that his leg was run over when the shooter rammed a vehicle into the facility.

A woman was reportedly bleeding after jumping on a barbed wire fence to escape.

“We need to get these people out of here,” said a dispatcher.

Dispatchers said they needed all the units to respond to the facilities on Highway 99 south of Red Bluff.

The suspect was described as being in a white vehicle that had broken into the building and had what dispatchers believed to be an assault weapon. The shooter was in the middle of the parking lot, dispatchers said.

Agents said a fire had occurred when the suspect was detained and that they were unable to enter the building due to the fire.

The extent of the deaths or injuries was still unclear.

A reporter is on the scene. Stay tuned for updates.

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