Acting ICE chief announces retirement after clash with Trump officials

POLITICO reported in May that Albence had angered White House officials He refused to make many political appointments On his agency.

Following the departure of Ronald Vitilio as Able director in April 2019, Albens Assumed his role Until Mark Morgan was appointed to lead the agency. Morgan shifted roles to lead Customs and Border Security, when Abens was again selected to serve as ICE chief.

Albens announced his retirement in a statement released on Friday morning and said he would work to step down from his role in August.

“I am honored and grateful to have served with the most dedicated men and women in law enforcement,” Albens said in a statement. “Every day, ICE employees move forward with professionalism and integrity, against unbelievable obstacles, constant politicization, and misperceptions of incredibly important and complex missions.”

Albens has worked in immigration law enforcement since 1994, according to ICE Biography Page.

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