Acquisition of the year: Jamal Adams, Carlos Dunlap, Brandon Schell or DJ Reid

The Seattle Seahawks defeated the Washington football team on Sunday and secured a spot in the upcoming playoffs. They play the role of Ram of Los Angeles in Week 16, who lost to the New York Jets, a fact we will constantly bring This week For years to come.

So this is the right time to relieve tension and talk about General Manager John Schneider’s three best moves.

Acquisition only. Not draft pics. Since we’re here, let’s try to make it “more interesting than what’s best.” If we just do this:

  • Jamal Adams
  • Carlos Dunlap
  • Brandon Shell
  • Dj reid

I almost asked a little bit in preparing it, and it was strong consensus. Neither of these people play the same position so it seems incredibly subjective. However, Adams is in another Pro Bowl. Dunlop will hold the Cincinnati Bengals franchise record for some time. Shell is an immediate starter and the second or third best player on the offensive line, while Reid is surprisingly fighting to hold a starting spot. I think the order is appropriate.

Consider four categories: talent, cost, need and future outlook.


Jamal Adams.

Best data: 9.5 sacks as he improves his own NFL record for defensive backs.

Cost: Hands, also: feet.
(Two first-round picks and Bradley McDougall).

the Challenger

Carlos Dunlap.

Best data: Sack winning two games in just six matches. Five total for Seattle. Hulk Smash + Superman Dive = You get a tweet.

cost: BJ Foney and a seventh round pick.

The dark horse

DJ Reid.

Best data: 1/1/3/4 This is an INT, a burst recovered, three pass defense (!) And six total tackles. Also known as his game against the Washington football team. For one of the best games a defensive player can have, you also get a tweet.

cost: An email that I believe was a $ 582,000 contract in addition. Reed was signed to stay at home-and-post-49 for the post-San Francisco because he did not play for a couple of weeks.

The big cow

Brandon Shell. Shell is eligible to appear on this list and is an avid contender for the most important ad, but is not currently playing (which has only helped her case). His games were absent almost perfectly matched with Reid’s game which has had no effect whatsoever which I just wanted to bring.

Best data: 2.9% pressure allow rate. Their 20 pressure on 693 snaps is actually a blip ahead of Duane Brown’s 3.0% pressure allowed rate, allowing both to deal with the best pass defenders on the team.

cost: Two years for $ 9 million, signing as a free agent.

If we are dealing with the talent-ladder described above, then this is the surprise factor for each player. Adams is the minimum; A little bit of reed.

For example, all of us (who used to hear about teams other than the Seahawks) knew that Jamal Adams was crazy. Our surprise maybe we don’t know it was this good. At least, the front one. Some still in effect He didn’t deserve it Due to its coverage. On the other hand, the surprise with Reid is that he was quiet on kicking back, for the reason that he didn’t land a game, which led to some good plays with “Quinton Dunbar and / or Trey Flowers to DJ”. .

The need. To that end, I’m drawing something like a replacement above a baseball win, but not a version of PFF because it’s not.

Jamal Adams: Third. The Seahawks had two starting-caliber safaris, though neither were talented or unique like Adams. They would have had a secondary, but the teams were not forced to have a game plan, the way they currently do.

Carlos Dunlap: First. Every defensive lineman was working so hard that Schneider’s hands were forced if he wanted to look critically in the playoffs. Now that Dunlop is here it is clear that this line is filled with very good second and third rushers, and it needed a true number.

Brandon Shell: Second. There was no other right and there was no other. This bothers me because I believe that Russell Wilson doesn’t need a perfect tack to be as good as Shell, but he certainly works sometimes. Shell’s replacement was … well it was last Sunday but Wilson was still playing like a sack there were random moments on it.

Dj reid: Fourth. Seattle has three corners better than Reid, but now two are injured and they made us all question. It was not considered a weakness after the Dunbar trade, but here we are still singing his praise. At the end of the day, the best man plays, and at this point it’s probably Reid.

For a cure, here’s how I ranked all these people so that I could sting later.


Adams – 1
Dunlop – 2
Shell – 3
Reed – 4


Reed – 1
Shell – 2
Dunlop – 3
Adams – 4


Dunlop – 1
Shell – 2
Adams – 3
Reed – 4

future outlook

Here is the deal. Who knows this stuff. Every one of these guys will end this season and should be on the roster next year because something strange is pending.

Adams – He is a perennial pro bowler on a rogue contract. This year he has one of the best deals in the NFL. Next year, he will be at the fifth-year option – still great. After that, it’s going to be a bit long, but I believe the Seahawks want the special defensive player to be there and enjoy it very clearly here.

Dunlop – The fact that he restructured his contract was terrible for short-term team-friendliness. This allowed him to get here quickly, and makes it more likely that he would stay at the next point, a near guarantee at this point. However, after that, he will turn 33 and it seems that the team is not paying a huge amount.

Reid – He is here now, he is definitely here next year, and the biggest risk at this point would be to play himself out of their price range. Retaining Dunbar or Shaquille Griffin is not guaranteed at this point, and Reid may not have enough time to get himself out of Seattle.

Shell – He will turn 30 when he is ready for a new contract, and the Seahawks are as bad as the lineman, not named Damian Lewis. If he plays like this year and doesn’t miss much, they should keep him.

Here’s how those numbers came from above. A low score is best, because it is better to have the first of four or something.

Dunlop – 4

Shell – 7

Adams – 8

Reed – 4

very close! Whatever you think the player’s contribution will continue to be in the future, and you are likely to get John Cyanider the best acquisition by 2020, add to it.

Merry Christmas to everyone.


Your favorite move?

  • 1 1%

    Dj reid

    (23 votes)

  • 58%

    Carlos Dunlap

    (118 votes)

  • 23%

    Jamal Adams

    (47 votes)

  • 6%

    Brandon Shell

    (14 votes)

Total 202 Votes

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